This grant provides a significant investment in a major new work by a leading South Australian independent artist, group or arts and cultural organisation. Projects must have a significant public outcome and be launched/ presented/ premiered/ exhibited first in South Australia in a high-profile setting.

Funding may be sought for project costs at every stage, including development, production and presentation.

Individual artists, artist groups and arts and cultural organisations (funded and un-funded) can apply. Applications must show how the commission will represent a scale of production and presentation that builds the applicant’s profile and extends their creative aspirations.

Applications must include a commissioning partner, such as a production house, independent producer, festival, publisher, gallery, arts organisation or high-profile venue. Partners must have a track record of producing projects of a similar scale and commit to securing at least 30% of the project’s budget (cash or in-kind) from sources other than Arts South Australia.

In the case of an arts organisation commissioning work by an independent artist or artists, the organisation would be required to meet the 30% co-investment benchmark.

Important note:

To assist you with your application, read the Arts and Culture Grants Program General Guidelines before you apply.

 October 2020 Round
Grant amount$100 000
Open date21 September 2020
Closing date5pm 19 October 2020
Notification date18 December 2020
Funded activity commencement date1 January 2021

Who can apply:

  • independent artists and groups
  • funded organisations: small-to-medium organisations, major organisations.

Who is ineligible:

  • Statutory Authorities (but may be a commissioning partner)
  • organisations funded through the National Performing Arts Partnership Framework (NPAPF) formerly known as Major Performing Arts (MPA) Companies.

What you can apply for:

  • administration
  • commissioning fees
  • creative fees (such as performers, composers, choreographers, designers, etc.)
  • producer fees
  • technical personnel and production costs
  • marketing costs
  • materials
  • hire of studio, venue and equipment
  • travel, living allowance
  • freight
  • curatorial cost, catalogue essay writer’s fees, catalogue design and printing costs
  • photography and documentation
  • exhibition costs.

How to apply

Read How to Apply before you begin preparing your application.

Key Application Information

There are four key elements to your application as listed below.

Upload one document to the Key Application Attachments section which includes the following:

Project Summary (up to 300 words, Arial 11pt)

Project Detail and Rationale (up to 2000 words, Arial 11pt)

Refer to the Assessment Criteria and include:

  • objectives of your activity
  • artistic rationale, including how the proposal will build your profile and extend your creative aspirations.



  • their role in the activity
  • short biography (up to 300 words) or CV for each.

Project Plan and Timeline

Table format is recommended. Include detail of:

  • dates/stages of your activity (highlighting the period of funded activity)
  • how and where you will undertake or deliver the activity
  • who will be involved at each stage
  • expected outcomes at each stage.

Please Note: Project proposals must include information about how appropriate protocols (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander; Working with Children in Art; COVID-19) will be followed.

Upload letters of support (up to five) and confirmations to the Key Application Attachments section. Combine documents where possible.

Upload materials to the Support Material section.

Refer to How to Apply for information about Support Material.

Use the online template to provide a consolidated budget.

Upload a detailed budget to the File Upload section of the template. Upload notes to budget (including quotes to support major expenses) to the File Upload section of the template.

Refer to How to Apply for information about application budgets.


For more information or assistance contact