The Vulnerable Children Project

The Vulnerable Children Project (VCP) – South Australia’s first multi-agency integrated data project – was completed in June 2020. The project facilitated information sharing between agencies to provide frontline workers and strategic decision makers with a fuller picture of South Australia’s vulnerable children and their families.

The VCP helped the Government of South Australia meet its commitments to recommendations in the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission report, 'The Life They Deserve'. It also pioneered a multi-agency approach to sharing data under the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016.

The project provided a near real-time dashboard – they Key Integrated Data System (KIDS) – to the Department for Child Protection’s Child Abuse Report Line to inform decision making at strategic and operational levels. The KIDS dashboard features integrated, securely shared data from across government.

The project also provided analytic and research support to the Early Intervention Research Directorate (EIRD).

The VCP built the state government’s capacity to collaborate on complex issues and highlighted the use of data as a public resource to improve child protection services, programs and policies.

Further improvements are being made to the KIDS dashboard under the auspices of the Vulnerable Families Management System Project.