Government Performance Framework

The Public Sector Data Sharing Act sets out one of the functions of the Office for Data Analytics is to monitor the performance of public sector agencies.

“ODA is to undertake its functions in a manner that prioritises the provision of relevant and up to date information to public sector agencies about their service delivery, operations and performance.”

A framework is being developed to enable the government to better manage and support decision making as well as economic recovery post COVID-19.

Vulnerable Males Project

This project is focused upon early intervention for vulnerable males. This project seeks to support efforts to reduce domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and suicide by focusing on males experiencing divorce and separation, generational or military service induced post-traumatic stress. There are direct links to government commitments to reduce domestic and family violence, supporting veterans and their families, and the South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan.

Offenders and Prisoners with Disability Early Identification Project

This project will examine the potential to link data from a range of sources to better inform disability identification among offenders and prisoners. Early screening and identification of disability can assist with targeted interventions, reduce costs upon the prison system (e.g. diversionary initiatives) and deliver better outcomes for the individual and community.


Energy4Life is an initiative of the Office for Data Analytics, SA Health and Red Cross. Energy4Life matches South Australian suburbs undergoing long power outages with residents who have electricity-dependent medical issues. This project is in final approval from the Department of Health.

Read more about Energy4Life

Emergency Management

Working with stakeholders across multiple agencies, ODA built the first iteration of a common operating picture to support the State Emergency Centre in times of crisis during 2019–20. This product will be enhanced and continue to be developed during 2020–21.

South Australian Business Research Environment (SABRE)

Information has been securely collated from multiple government agencies regarding business and economic activities. This is a foundational data asset to assist better decision making and provide for safe, secure information sharing between agencies with regards to business information. The SABRE asset is a key component of the BLADE project below.

Inter-governmental collaboration

Australian Data and Digital Council

The Office for Data Analytics participates and supports the work Australian Data and Digital Council (ADDC). More information regarding the work of the ADDC can be found at:

National Disability Data Asset

The Office for Data Analytics is a working group member of the National Disability Data Asset (NDDA). More information about this important work can be found at:

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The Office for Data Analytics has a memorandum of understanding with the ABS to collaborate on a number of initiatives including integration of Government of South Australia economic information into the Business Longitudinal Analytical Data Environment (BLADE). Further information can be found at: