Under the Freedom of Information Act 1991, members of the public can request access to information and documents held by the department. A comprehensive overview of how Freedom of Information (FOI) operates in South Australia is available from State Records.

For more information, email DPCFOIUnit@sa.gov.au

FOI Information Statement

The following information statement is published pursuant to section 9(2) of the FOI Act.

Further useful information around the aims and objectives of the FOI Act can be found on the State Records website.

Framework and functions of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Learn more about the department’s attached offices.

How DPC’s functions affect members of the public

For information relating to individual functions of the business units within the department please refer to the follow link outlining DPC’s responsibilities.

How you can take part in DPC’s work

DPC leads on civic initiatives and programs in a number of fields, including the arts and multicultural affairs. Organisations, community groups and members of the public can apply for grants, nominate others for awards, and register to participate in festivals and other events. More information is available on DPC’s website.

DPC also has a role in leading whole-of-government engagement initiatives, including Better Together and YourSAy.

These initiatives assist other government agencies to deliver better services to South Australians by making it easy for business and the community to engage in and contribute to the development of government policy and decision-making.

Find out more about DPC’s Better Together principles, or visit the whole of government online consultation hub YourSAy.

Documents held by the department

Examples of documents held by DPC include:

  • Agendas, minutes and correspondence
  • Annual reports, departmental functions and strategic plan
  • Communications material
  • Contracts, procurement and tender information
  • Employee records
  • Financial expenditure, invoices and statements
  • Framework, guidelines, policies, procedures and reports
  • Information relating to areas that are the policy responsibility of DPC

Documents available from the department free of charge

Examples of documents held by DPC that are available free of charge include:

More information can be found on the about DPC resources and publications page.

Making an application for access to documents

You have a legal right to:

  • seek access to documents from DPC
  • request amendments to documents DPC holds relating to you that are incomplete, incorrect, out-of-date or misleading.

You can apply online. It takes about ten minutes to complete the process.

Before making an application you may wish to speak to the FOI team, who will be able to tell you if making an FOI application is the best approach.

The online application form, along with further information about making applications, is available on the sa.gov.au website.

DPC’s FOI Unit can be contacted at:

Office of the Chief Executive
Level 16, 200 Victoria Square (Tarntanyangga), Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
GPO Box 2343
Email: DPCFOIUnit@sa.gov.au