The Government of South Australia is establishing a new taskforce to recommend actions that address the work insecurity and income inequality experienced by some South Australian artists and arts workers.

Expressions of Interest for Artists at Work Taskforce

Arts South Australia is currently accepting Expressions of Interest from prospective members of the 2024 Artists at Work Taskforce.

By submitting an Expression of Interest, you declare that you would like to participate in the Taskforce process, drawing upon your arts, culture and creative industry and/or industrial relations knowledge to support the aims of the Taskforce.

The Expressions of Interest will be reviewed, taking into consideration the Taskforce size, composition and representation of skills and attributes required by the Terms of Reference and aims of the Taskforce.


The Artists at Work Taskforce is a non-statutory advisory body established to provide high level independent advice for the Minister for Arts on issues related to the deep work insecurity and income inequality experienced by some artists.

The establishment of the Artists at Work Taskforce is a key commitment of the state government.

The Taskforce will be a state-wide, multi-stakeholder panel of experts representing a strategic cross-sector focus and will include government and non-government representatives with technical and business knowledge in the areas of arts, culture, creative industries and industrial relations.

Members will convene regularly over a four-month period, and provide expertise on current issues across arts, cultural and creative practice, and industrial relations in South Australia.

Collectively, members will make recommendations for actions to address the work insecurity and income inequality experienced by some artists and arts workers in South Australia. These recommendations will address industry-wide challenges as well as the specific needs of South Australian artists and arts workers, noting what levers are available to the state government, and will be detailed in a final report for the Minister for Arts.

Arts South Australia is committed to appointing high-calibre Taskforce members who represent the diversity of the South Australian community. Accordingly, appointment of Taskforce members will take into consideration factors that may enrich the panel’s recommendations, including but not limited to age, cultural diversity, disability, gender, and the representation of peer assessors from a range of South Australian regions.

Terms of Reference

The Taskforce’s Terms of Reference articulate the scope of the work for the members.

Artists at Work Taskforce Terms of Reference (PDF, 205.9 KB)


An honorarium will be paid for all formal meetings and special assignments. Public servants and public sector employees will not be remunerated.

How to express your interest

Expressions of Interest will be accepted via SmartyGrants. The SmartyGrants Help Guide for Applicants explains the steps you need to take to complete and submit the Expression of Interest form.

There are three components to the Expression of Interest form: core nominee information, a brief statement of relevant expertise that you would bring to the Taskforce, and an optional diversity and inclusion questionnaire. You will also be required to upload a current CV.

Expressions of Interest close 11:59 pm on Thursday 14 December 2023.

Express your interest online

SmartyGrants Help Guide for Applicants

Selection process

Submitting an Expression of Interest does not guarantee a position on the Taskforce. Selection will be based on a representation of skills and attributes required for the Taskforce. Taskforce members will be appointed in January 2024 from the Expression of Interest nominees.

The Taskforce will commence in February 2024, and will operate for four months. It is not a decision-making group and will conclude once the report is delivered to the Minister for Arts.


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