The South Australian Government seeks to gain better insight into the state economy at a regional, industry and firm level by providing government with a mechanism to evaluate policies, programs, and projects, identifying success, improvements and potential savings.

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet seeks to develop data analytical tools and capability across the South Australian Government to generate economic insight and performance evaluation using pooled and integrated data within a shared environment that is safe and secure.

The following projects seek to integrate firm-based data held by South Australian and Commonwealth agencies.

SA Business Longitudinal Data Integration Project

The South Australian Government is interested in the dynamics of employment and business growth by industry, firm characteristics and geographic region to inform economic development policy and programs. Data is needed to understand the outcomes of government programs that aim to encourage employment and economic growth (for example, various grant programs targeting firms in particular industries and particular regions of the state).

This project seeks to utilise business datasets sourced from public administrative records to better understand aggregate employment and industry performance in South Australia. This project will pilot the integration of data from several government sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment, and South Australian Government datasets (from Return to Work SA, Revenue SA and the previous Department of State Development).

The project will assess the feasibility of using these data sources as an evidence base for informing economic development policy on issues, such as the:

  • pattern of industry growth within the state
  • characteristics of high growth, high performing firms in the state
  • effect that state-based taxation, regulation and direct intervention have in shaping the state’s development
  • manner by which external factors impact the development of the state economy.

SA Business Research Environment

Based on Section 8 of the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016, this pilot project seeks to link state administrative data involving Return to Work SA, Revenue SA and various line agencies of the South Australian Government, and investigate linking other data sets in the future.

The data linkage will be performed by the Office for Data Analytics, which is the designated office in the South Australian Government to ensure that data sharing arrangements follow trusted access principles.

It is expected that the project will enable the South Australian Government to:

  • identify key trends in South Australian business and labour markets at the local, regional and sectoral levels
  • provide important lessons in the management and use of shared business-based data
  • provide analysis that would help in developing future economic policy for the state and organisational policy for various agencies involved.

The Office for Data Analytics may make results of the data analytics work available to public sector agencies, to the private sector and to the general public.


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