The Department of the Premier and Cabinet seeks to enhance capacity and capability in economic policy advice. It endeavours to develop partnerships with agencies to support the use of the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) for evidence-based policy decision making.

The SA Government entered a memorandum of understanding with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to link state and Commonwealth data to better understand aggregated employment and industry performance in South Australia.

The successful conclusion of a pilot project in June 2020 led to an annual update of data integration from BLADE and South Australian Government economic agencies led by DPC. The linked SA BLADE data has the following uses:

  • Bespoke sectoral mapping: for emerging sectors with no clearly defined statistical industry classification. For instance, a report on the Economic Value of Creative Businesses in South Australia (PDF, 8 MB) was produced by Deloitte for the Department of Innovation and Skills (DIS) using SA BLADE.
  • Program evaluation: for SA government initiatives that offer grants, rebates, vouchers, and the like to businesses to promote economic activity. SA BLADE offers the possibility of evaluating the effectiveness of these incentives using robust statistical methods.
  • Innovation district analysis: to estimate the overall innovation activity and economic contribution of SA government-run precincts and districts throughout the state.
  • Regional impact assessment: to provide a descriptive and inferential analysis of the economic activity within a geographically defined area or region in the state, before and after man-made or natural events.
  • Regional profiling: to enable users to freely compare a wide range of economic and demographic data to produce insights for people, business owners, and authorities to help in making informed decisions, as per what was done by MIT in developing the Atlas of Opportunity.
  • Economic forecasting: longitudinal and trend analysis can be used to forecast growth in employment and output for various sectors in the economy and model growth outcomes.
  • Economic insights and analysis: brief notes on topical issues are periodically released.

SA BLADE is used in conjunction with other economic data tools, such as regional input-output tables and other data assets available to the state government.


To receive information on how to partner with DPC for the use of these economic tools, contact:

Economic Policy Advice, Cabinet Office
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Phone: (08) 8429 5059