Ministerial Code of Conduct

Our Ministers of government are in positions of great trust, given to them by the people and Parliament of South Australia. They hold responsibility for decisions that can have a significant impact on individuals and groups in South Australia and for this reason, Cabinet has approved a Code of Conduct to provide guidance on how Ministers should act and arrange their affairs in order to uphold the highest standards and avoid conflicts of interest.

Ministerial Code of Conduct (PDF, 292.8 KB)

Premier's Guideline for Air Travel

The Premier’s Guideline for Air Travel by Ministers and their staff outlines considerations for all Ministers and their staff when travelling overseas.

Premier’s Guideline: Air Travel by Ministers and their Staff (PDF, 320.4 KB)

Premier's Guideline for Gifts Received

The Premier’s Guideline receiving gifts provides guidance to Ministers, ministerial staff, and members of a Minister's family on how to deal with gifts they receive in the course of their duties.

Premier’s Guideline: Gifts Received by Ministers and Their Staff and Families (PDF, 270.4 KB)