Policies and guidelines that support agencies in modernising government services so they are simple, smart, secure and digital.

Digital Service Standard Policy


This policy outlines the South Australian Government’s approach to the adoption of a digital service standard by agencies, to use in the implementation of new or renewed government services.

Digital Service Standard Policy (DOCX, 149.5 KB)

Digital Service Standard Policy (PDF, 276.5 KB)

Online Accessibility Policy

The Online Accessibility Policy has been developed in consultation with accessibility experts, government, community, not for profit organisations and private sector. The policy will apply to newly created or significantly updated public-facing websites, intranets, public facing native apps, online documents (such as Word and PDF), online forms, survey tools and non-web based software.

View the policy at accessibility.sa.gov.au/policy

Video Snapshots Guideline

The purpose of this guideline is to help you create simple and engaging videos.

Video Snapshots Guideline (DOCX, 131.3 KB)

Video Snapshots Guideline (PDF, 192.0 KB)

Video Snapshots Guideline Appendix A (DOCX, 129.0 KB)

Video Snapshots Guideline Appendix A (PDF, 173.9 KB)

Video Snapshots Guideline Appendix B (DOCX, 120.0 KB)

Video Snapshots Guideline Appendix B (PDF, 303.1 KB)

Video Snapshots Guideline Appendix C (DOCX, 129.3 KB)

Video Snapshots Guideline Appendix C (PDF, 177.5 KB)

Pilot Project – My Relationship with Digital

ICT and Digital Government recognises the importance of using video to share information. In 2015 the technique was trialled via a project entitled ‘My Relationship with Digital’. The pilot involved interviews with a range of people discussing the ‘lived experience’ of digital technology in their daily lives and demonstrated the effectiveness of the interview and editing process as well the use of a smart phone and microphone.