Nominations for the 2022 Governor’s Multicultural Awards have closed. The winners will be announced early in 2023.

These important awards recognise and celebrate outstanding South Australians who promote multiculturalism and increase the understanding of the benefits of cultural diversity in our community.

South Australians are encouraged to nominate an individual, team or organisation that is passionate about making a positive contribution to multiculturalism and intercultural understanding, and promoting our culturally-diverse state.

The awards are administered by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet through Multicultural Affairs. They are presented by the Governor of South Australia, on the advice of an independent judging panel.

The nine award categories are:

  • Outstanding individual achievement
  • Arts and culture
  • Community sector
  • Media
  • Private sector
  • Public sector
  • Senior volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • Youth.

Previous Governor's Multicultural Awards

Established in 2007, the Governor’s Multicultural Awards continue to recognise and celebrate many South Australian individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

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