A message from the Chief Executive

The Premier’s Delivery Unit (PDU) was established on 14 April 2022, to support the Government’s commitment to deliver a range of significant programs, projects and policies that will benefit the people of South Australia. The PDU is focussed on ensuring Government priorities are delivered on time and on budget and that any challenges are addressed early and resolved satisfactorily. The PDU works collaboratively with government agencies, all of whom have provided my team with critical paths, including key milestones and budget expenditure, for the delivery of all election commitments. I acknowledge and appreciate the support of all chief executives and their agencies as we work together to deliver the Government’s ambitious agenda.

The first few months of the PDU have been largely dedicated to establishing the unit and recruiting the team. Additionally, the PDU has been working closely with Cabinet Office in the establishment of a new Government Performance Cabinet Committee, which oversees the implementation of the Government’s election commitments.

Rik Morris
Chief Executive Premier’s Delivery Unit

Annual report 2021-22

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