Our Chief Executive chairs the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC), which provides leadership and maintains oversight of emergency management planning in the state.

SEMC’s vision is “a safe and strong South Australia through a shared commitment to resilience", which it aims to achieve by:

  • understanding risks and how they may affect the South Australian community
  • encouraging sustained behavioural change across the entire community
  • focussing on reducing the consequences of emergencies.

SEMC has a strategic framework and plan to focus its attention and drive priorities for the emergency management sector.

SEMC Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (PDF, 6.0 MB)

SEMC Strategic Framework 2017-2022 (PDF, 254.3 KB)

SEMC members are representatives of state government agencies and the Local Government Association.

The committee meets bimonthly and a Communiqué is published after each ordinary meeting.