Policies related to the collection, use, transmission and management of data by South Australian government agencies.

Open Data Framework

The Open Data Framework helps agencies implement open data principles and develop open data action plans.

The Open Data Framework applies to SA government public authorities, including but not limited to, public sector agencies and administrative units. They are expected to develop open data strategies that include specific actions and report on their progress. Public sector agencies are required to commit to maintaining the highest standards of privacy, security and integrity with respect to data they hold.

It promotes the proactive release and re-use of non-sensitive public sector data to the public, using consistent standards and good governance.

Open Data Responsibilities and process

Open Data principles

Developing an Open Data plan

Personal Information Data Breaches


This guideline advises South Australian government agencies regarding the identification and notification of inappropriate disclosure of personal information held by their agency.

Personal Information Data Breaches (DOCX, 182.3 KB)

Personal Information Data Breaches (PDF, 151.1 KB)