Government Communications Advisory Committee Marketing Communications Reports

As outlined in the Marketing Communication Guidelines, as of July 2020 the Government Communications Advisory Committee (GCAC) will proactively report the proposed budget, total cost and an evaluation summary for communications initiatives with a total budget of over $50,000 (ex GST).

Activities approved prior to July 2020 will be evaluated with the total cost and an evaluation summary published below.

Reports on communications initiatives which commenced prior to GCAC can be found below. Please note some initiatives are still awaiting final evaluation.

Annual Media Expenditure

All South Australian government departments and agencies are required to plan and book their media advertising through the Media Panel as part of the Master Media Scheme.

The State Government’s expenditure on media advertising for 2021-22 was $41.2 million (excl. GST).

A line graph of advertising media expenditure from 2009-10 to 2021-22. The highest spend is approximately 41 million dollars in 2021-22. The lowest spend was approximately 26 million dollars in 2014-15.
Notes for chart:

  • Figures current as at October 2022.
  • Figures provided are excluding GST and fees.
  • Includes expenditure by Government Enterprises and Statutory Authorities.
  • Excludes third parties.