The state government’s Office for Data Analytics (ODA) uses data to support the Government of South Australia to provide the right services to the right people at the right time.

We aim to be a world leader in facilitating data-driven government that uses evidence to improve public sector efficiency and make better informed decisions for citizens.

ODA collaborates with all tiers of government, industry and research partners, community organisations and the education sector on data projects and initiatives.

Our office

ODA is a small team in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet that:

  • facilitates data sharing between public sector agencies or other entities
  • performs data analytics work for public sector agencies under data sharing agreements
  • advises on data sharing under the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016 including providing advice in disputes
  • helps embed change and build capacity in agencies
  • promotes consistent data quality through common standards and definitions
  • administers the Information Sharing Guidelines.

Our people

Our unique skills include:

  • data analysis, visualisation and presentation
  • data science and statistical methods
  • data integration and matching
  • data redaction, aggregation and de-identification
  • change and project management
  • policy advice.

Our facility

We follow the highest standards to keep South Australia’s data safe including:

  • network security
  • physical security
  • security cleared staff
  • data security and encryption
  • access control with full auditing
  • segregation of activities on a need to know basis.

Our leadership

ODA leads the South Australian data ecosystem by:

  • chairing the Government of South Australia's Chief Data Officers Network (CDON) with strategic oversight and whole-of-government representation
  • administering the Information Sharing Guidelines
  • running the South Australian Business Intelligence Network (SABIN) sessions on data, analysis and data-driven insights
  • advising and coordinating technical, procedural and operational data standards
  • ensuring agencies follow legislative requirements.