The following resources and publications relate to boards and committees.

Policies and guidelines

Remuneration for government appointed part-time boards and committees

PC Circular PC016 contains the government's policy on remuneration for part-time boards and committees. This circular provides guidance on how to seek a fee determination, methods for payment, superannuation, salary sacrifice, information required for inclusion on the Boards and Committees Information System and more.

PC Circular PC016 (PDF, 199.4 KB)

Establishment and governance requirements for government boards and committees 

PC Circular PC022 aims to prevent the proliferation of boards and committees by promoting community engagement strategies and departmental structures as a first preference for delivering services. Circular 22 also establishes tests and approvals for when to establish a new board, provides general guidance on the structural options and ensures that existing boards and committees undergo regular review.

PC Circular PC022 (PDF, 382.9 KB)

Government boards and committees, guidelines for agencies and board members

These guidelines provide general guidance on the role of a board, recruitment of members, reporting relationships, performance monitoring and other matters.

Guidelines for agencies and board members (PDF, 235.0 KB)

Remuneration framework for South Australian Government boards and committees 

The remuneration framework contains the payment rates that apply to South Australian Government boards and committees.

Remuneration framework (PDF, 44.5 KB)

Honesty and accountability for members of government boards

This document provides an overview of the honesty and accountability requirements that apply to members of government boards and committees.

Honesty and accountability for members of government boards (PDF, 90.3 KB)

Treasurer's representatives - statutory boards, commissions and committees 

Treasurer's Instructions 7 allows the Treasurer to appoint a representative to attend board meetings of designated public corporations, sets out the role and procedures for appointed representatives and specifies the responsibilities of the Chair in relation to the representative.

Treasurer's Instructions 7 Corporate Governance

Treasurer's Instructions 7 Guidance Note

Employment conditions – remuneration – allowance and reimbursements

Claims for payment of travel and accommodation expenses by members of government boards and committees are to be made in accordance with specific guidelines.

Commissioner for Public Sector’s Determination 3.2

Annual reports

View the boards and committees’ annual reports to Parliament detailing board membership and remuneration.

Government boards should refer to the department’s requirements in PC Circular PC013 when preparing an Annual Report.

PC Circular PC013 – Annual Reporting Requirements (PDF, 421.0 KB)

Agencies are required under the Department of Treasury and Finance's General Purpose Financial Statements Framework to disclose certain board and committee information as part of their annual report. Employees involved in this process should refer to the General Purpose Framework for guidance.

Reimbursement of Legal Fees

Legal Bulletin 5 (LB5) specifies that public officers – including government board members – may be able to seek reimbursement for the reasonable costs of engaging a private lawyer to assist them to participate in criminal or civil legal proceedings or investigations by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption. LB5 sets out the criteria for reimbursement and provides guidance on the matters the Crown Solicitor will take into account when advising the Attorney-General about requests for reimbursement.

Legal Bulletin 5 – Reimbursement of Legal Fees


Include a new board on BCIS (PDF, 111.5 KB)

Include a new member on BCIS (PDF, 108.5 KB)

Members of government boards and committees to establish a salary sacrifice agreement (PDF, 53.4 KB)