The Cabinet committees are a forum for ministers to discuss significant cross portfolio issues, work through complex problems, and test options ahead of a proposal going to Cabinet. They are an adjunct to Cabinet and an important part of the Cabinet process, playing a key advisory role.

There are five Cabinet committees. Three of these are portfolio based - Economic and Infrastructure Cabinet Committee, Justice and Legislative Reform Cabinet Committee and Social Affairs Cabinet Committee. The remaining two committees - Budget Cabinet Committee and Emergency Management Council - have more specialised remits that may cut across multiple portfolio areas.

Upcoming meeting dates can be viewed in the 2020 Cabinet, Cabinet Committee and Executive Council meetings document.

2020 South Australian Executive Government meetings (PDF, 43.5 KB)

Emergency Management Council

Budget Cabinet Committee

Economic and Infrastructure Cabinet Committee

Justice and Legislative Reform Cabinet Committee

Social Affairs Cabinet Committee

What goes to Cabinet Committees

Lodging a Cabinet Committee paper

Cabinet Committee Meeting Protocols