Once you have registered as a lobbyist on the SA Lobbyist Register you have an obligation to update your details when they change.

Requirement to update details

The Lobbyists Act 2015 requires you to update your registration details within certain time frames:

  • If you enter an agreement with a new client you must update your registration as soon as practicable.
  • If ANY of your other registration details change, you have 14 days to update your registration.
  • If you (or an employee of yours who is undertaking lobbying) are convicted of an offence that would make you ineligible for registration under the Act, you have 14 days to advise us. Contact us to advise of any convictions or other details.

How to update the register

Update your registration details by signing into and editing your profile on the SA Lobbyist Register online portal.

If you add employees who are undertaking lobbyist activities, remember to provide a statutory declaration for each person.

You will receive email notification when your changes have been published to the portal.

If you have forgotten your password, use the ‘Forgot My Password’ function on the Login page.

Exclusion of information from register

Section 12 of the Lobbyists Act 2015 enables lobbyists to make an application to exempt certain information from publication on the register.

If the information is of a personal confidential nature, such as a home address, the application can be made by email to dpcsalobbyistregister@sa.gov.au at the time of registration and will usually be granted when registration is finalised by the department.

If the information falls under the following criteria, the application can be made by email to dpcsalobbyistregister@sa.gov.au, addressed to the Chief Executive:

  • s12(1)(b) - information that has a commercial or other value that would be, or could reasonably be expected to be, destroyed or diminished if the information were disclosed
  • s12(1)(c) - information the disclosure of the information would, or could reasonably be expected to, prejudice the commercial position of a person or confer a commercial advantage on a person
  • s12(1)(d) - information the disclosure of which would be contrary to the public interest for any other reason
  • s12(1)(e) - information the disclosure of information would be inappropriate for any other reason.

The email should specify the subsection(s) the application is being made under and clearly explain how that criteria is met.

If granted, the exemption request under subsections 12(1)(b) to 12(1)(e) will expire on 1 January the following year, unless another timeframe is sought by the lobbyist and approved by the Chief Executive.