To drive the development of better services for the people and businesses of South Australia, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet is working with agencies, other jurisdictions, industry, academia, and the community, to progress a number of digital and ICT-enabled initiatives.

This includes initiatives that improve the use of government-held data, connect the community to digital entrepreneurs to help solve the issues that impact them, and leverage the great work being done in other jurisdictions to ensure we work together on solutions that impact us all.

Our current initiatives

Digital inclusion strategy

Digital As services are increasingly being offered online, many Australians struggle to access digital technologies due to their social or economic circumstances, lack of connectivity to quality infrastructure, affordability and low digital skills. We are working to close the digital divide by co-designing a Digital Inclusion Strategy for South Australia. We are working with national advocacy groups, government agencies and the community.

We are intending to launch the Strategy in Q2 of 2022.

Share your experiences of digital inclusion or exclusion

You too can you have your say on what digital inclusion means to you and how we can close the digital divide. Your experiences of digital exclusion will help shape the digital inclusion strategy.

Have a look at a summary of what people have told us so far on YourSAy.

To share your experiences or complete the survey, visit YourSAy. You can also contact us directly on 0466 517 900 (9 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday).

Display the poster or flyer inviting others in your community and networks to share their experiences. Scan the QR code to take the survey and get involved.

Download A3 Poster (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Download DL Flyer (PDF, 318.9 KB)

Inter-jurisdictional collaboration

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) actively works with other jurisdictions across Australia to share expertise, collaborate, and leverage existing resources.

Inter-jurisdictional collaboration


We are supporting agencies to design new services by incorporating digital inclusion, architecture principles and security from the start. The Government of South Australia's globally recognised and award-winning Online Accessibility Toolkit, has been co-designed with the community and industry experts. It provides a range of resources to support citizens and government apply accessibility guidelines.

Online Accessibility Toolkit

Better Together

The Better Together principles underpin the government’s approach to community engagement. They are used to plan and deliver programs and initiatives bringing the voices of citizens and stakeholders into the issues that matter to them.

Better Together


YourSAy is the whole of government online consultation hub, allows South Australians to provide input on policy development, implementation and service delivery. Influence government decisions and visit the YourSAy website.