Any individual or organisation that undertakes lobbying activities in South Australia must be registered on the SA Lobbyist Register. If the registration is under a business name then all employees of that business must be identified, whether undertaking lobbyist activities or not.

Before registering, ensure you read the Lobbyists Act 2015 to be aware of the requirements and obligations of a lobbyist.

Lobbyist registration process

Registration is via the SA Lobbyist Register online portal. Select ‘Register’ from the menu, fill in the required fields and provide the necessary statutory declaration(s).

You must list all employees.

If the employee is undertaking lobbying activities, they should be listed under ‘People Undertaking Lobbyist Activities’ and a statutory declaration provided.

If the employee is not undertaking lobbying activities, they should be listed under ‘Other Employees’ and a statutory declaration is not required.

After you have completed the registration and uploaded the required statutory declaration(s), submit the form.

You will receive an email when your registration is finalised.

Statutory declaration

A statutory declaration is required for each person undertaking lobbyist activity, stating that the person has never been convicted of an indictable offence and has not, in the past 10 years, been convicted of a summary offence of dishonesty.

The following statutory declaration template must be used and all fields must be completed in full – other declaration formats will not be accepted.

SA Lobbyist Register Statutory Declaration (DOC, 47.0 KB)

The statutory declaration must be completed in accordance with the laws in the state you reside. The declaration must be made before an authorised person and each page must be initialed and dated by the declarant and the witness.  Please note that statutory declarations are not published on the register.

Registration restrictions

Anyone who has been convicted of an indictable offence or a summary offence of dishonesty in the past 10 years cannot be registered including companies, if one of their directors has committed an offence.

Restrictions also apply to former public officials:

  • former ministers in the State of South Australia are ineligible for two years after leaving office
  • government board members cannot register while they remain on a South Australian government board, and
  • former parliamentary secretaries, public sector executives and ministerial staff cannot, in the first 12 months after leaving office, lobby the government on matters they dealt with while they were in office.