Rulings and instructions (including forms) for agencies seeking exemption from policies, standards and contracts.

Governance - Exemptions

ICT Ruling 1

Agencies seeking exemption from government ICT contracts, policies, standards or notifications must obtain approval prior to evaluating or implementing solutions.

Governance - Exemptions (DOCX, 148.1 KB)

Governance - Exemptions (PDF, 201.3 KB)

Governance - Application for Exemption

ICT Guideline 1

This guideline prescribes the steps to be followed by compliant authorities when seeking exemption from across-government ICT contracts, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures and notifications.

Governance - Application for Exemption (DOCX, 1.3 MB)

Governance - Application for Exemption (PDF, 389.8 KB)

Exemption Application Form

Below is the link to the online form for an agency to complete and submit to request exemption from an ICT Contract or ICT Policy and Standard.

Exemption Application online form 

Enquiries about Exemption Applications can be emailed to

Summary of Exemptions

It is the agency’s responsibility to monitor the expiry dates of their approved exemptions and reapply if the exemption is still required beyond the expiry period. Unless otherwise specified the exemption will expire with the end of the contract or policy term.

The list of exemptions may not be complete. If an exemption does not appear on this list, it may have expired or has not yet been approved.

List of exemptions as at December 2022 (link not available outside of government).