The South Australian Government is committed to preparing our communities, businesses and people for emergencies such as bushfires, floods, terrorism and plant and animal based diseases.

We coordinate across government agencies, emergency service organisations and key partners to ensure we can prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies that may impact our state.

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet leads and coordinates whole of government initiatives and activities which respond to emergency management and security issues and events.

We manage the operations of the State Crisis Centre and provide strategic advice and support to the Premier, our Chief Executive, and the State Emergency Management Committee. We also deliver key projects and priorities for the State Emergency Management Committee.

Disasters can happen anywhere and often impact more than one state or territory. We support members of the Australia-New Zealand Emergency Management Committee and Australia-New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee, and work with other states and territories on national priorities to ensure we can support each other when the need arises.

The Premier is responsible for the Emergency Management Act 2004.