South Australia is characterised by a diversity of arts practice and practitioners, unique and historic assets and facilities, world renowned collections and a commitment to arts for all, regardless of geographic location or circumstance.

Within arts and culture, our department’s role is to:

  • ensure the state capitalises on the artistic, cultural, economic and social opportunities arising from the diverse arts and cultural capabilities and activities in the state
  • promote the growth and development of the arts sector by providing advice on arts policy and strategy to the government
  • encourage cultural and creative industries to thrive by providing targeted financial support to artists, arts organisations and events
  • conduct research and analysis, monitor developments, issues, opportunities and emerging trends in the arts sector and their implications for South Australia.

Artlab Australia, our conservation service provider and business enterprise, is committed to conserving South Australia's works of art and cultural heritage. Artlab also provides commercial consulting and treatment services to business, private and public organisations, groups and individuals across the country and in East Asia.

Statutory authorities

An effective legislative framework underpins the state’s investment in arts and cultural development in South Australia. This framework includes nine statutory authorities, encompassing the North Terrace cultural institutions and major makers and presenters as follows:

Between them, they are responsible for the delivery of core services, programs and infrastructure across all art forms and for all arts-related purposes.

We also provide funding to the following major organisations: