The department oversees a range of policies and guidelines that help ensure the Government of South Australia effectively communicates with the community.

Alongside legislation, regulation and taxation, communication is one of the 4 main levers of policy delivery. Communications seek to understand, inform, create dialogue with, and influence the citizen, so that trust, respect and confidence are built, policy and service development is better informed, outcomes are more consistently delivered and a stronger society is built.

Guidelines, policies and templates

To ensure the community is effectively engaged on government policies and initiatives, all marketing communications activities must comply with relevant government guidelines, policies and approval processes.

For Communications approval process enquiries:

Communications and marketing

A new Government Communications Approval Process started on Tuesday 1 November 2022. The following information has been developed to educate you on the new approval process:

Quick Reference Guide - Government Communications Approval Process effective 1 November 2022 (PDF, 54.6 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions - Government Communications Approval Process effective 1 November 2022 (PDF, 57.7 KB)

The following information outlines the process for all activities registered in the CAP prior to 1 November 2022.

Marketing Communications Guidelines effective September 2020 (PDF, 145.3 KB)

PC Circular 048: Communications Approval Process for the Government of South Australia (PDF, 191.6 KB)

Government Communications Advisory Committee Calendar 2022 (PDF, 125.0 KB)

Quick reference approval process effective 1 July 2019 (PDF, 727.0 KB)

Recruitment Advertising Policy and Guidelines (PDF, 552.5 KB)

Detailed Communications Strategy template (DOCX, 158.9 KB)

Campaign Evaluation Report template new (DOCX, 214.7 KB)

Social Media Strategy template new (DOCX, 154.6 KB)

Government Communications Advisory Committee 2023 sitting dates

Please note GCAC dates are subject to change and will be kept up to date in the Communications Approval Portal (CAP).

Sitting dates Due date to lodge submissions
Friday 3 February Monday 23 January
Friday 17 February Monday 6 February
Friday 3 March Monday 20 February
Friday 17 March Monday 6 March
Friday 31 March Monday 20 March
Friday 14 April Monday 3 April
Friday 28 April Monday 17 April
Friday 12 May Monday 1 May
Friday 26 May Monday 15 May
Friday 9 June Monday 29 May
Friday 23 June Monday 12 June
Friday 7 July Monday 26 June
Friday 21 July Monday 10 July
Friday 4 August Monday 24 July
Friday 18 August Monday 7 August
Friday 1 September Monday 21 August
Friday 15 September Monday 4 September
Friday 29 September Monday 18 September
Friday 13 October Monday 2 October
Friday 27 October Monday 16 October
Friday 10 November Monday 30 October
Friday 24 November Monday 13 November
Friday 8 December
(Last sitting of the year)
Monday 27 November

Media Monitoring contract

Following a government decision in August 2021, and an extensive consultation and procurement process, the Government of South Australia entered into a whole of government contract for media monitoring services with the provider Streem, in November 2021. Agencies across government commenced onboarding to the service in January 2022.

The contract, which is centrally-coordinated by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, allows for any government agencies that require media monitoring to gain access to the service, with their financial contribution determined based on the model approved by government.

The modern and easy-to-use Streem platform provides agencies with access to a wide range of media monitoring features and tools as part of the base contract, with many additional or bespoke requirements able to be accommodated on request.

This whole of government contract model delivers the strategic use of external media monitoring services with a focus on quality and effective service delivery.

Please see the below links for details regarding the features included in the Streem contract, and also answers to questions agencies may have regarding the service.

For further information or any details not covered below, please contact

This questions and answers page is available to SA Government agencies only and contains answers to questions they may have regarding the contract. If you work for an SA Government entity and are unable to access the Questions and Answers page, please contact

Media Panel Resources

The Government of South Australia has a new Master Media Scheme effective from 31 March 2019. Wavemaker and Carat (known as the Media Panel) are the media agencies appointed to the Scheme.

For Master Media enquiries:

Templates for briefing the Media Panel, secondary procurement and Media Panel Rules of Engagement are found below:

PC Circular 009: The Master Media Scheme for Government Advertising (PDF, 193.5 KB)

This DPC Circular has been updated in line with the requirements for the new Master Media Scheme.

Master Media Scheme: Media Panel Rules of Engagement (PDF, 172.2 KB)

This document outlines the operating rules of the Media Panel, secondary procurement processes and provides media agency contact details.

Media Brief Request for Quote (DOCX, 271.3 KB)

This is a mandatory template required to be completed to brief agencies on the Media Panel.

Master Media Scheme Guide to Functional Advertising (PDF, 83.4 KB)

This document provides information on Functional Advertising and the booking portal WM Online.

Media Panel Secondary Procurement Simple Purchase Recommendation  (DOCX, 123.3 KB)

This template can be used for procurements, under the Master Media Scheme valued greater than $33,000 inc GST, to assist with evaluating Media Panel proposals and seek approval of the outcome, prior to appointing a Media Agency.

Media Panel Secondary Procurement Simple Acquisition Plan (DOCX, 106.3 KB)

This template can be used for procurements, under the Master Media Scheme valued at greater than $550,000 inc GST, to seek approval of the proposed project prior to briefing the Media Panel.

Media Panel Secondary Procurement Customer Order (DOCX, 62.2 KB)

This template for a Customer Order can be used to accept the quote and confirm deliverables with the appointed Media Agency.


Government of South Australia (GOSA) Branding Guidelines (PDF, 3.3 MB)

PC Circular 025: Common Branding Policy for the Government of South Australia (PDF, 754.3 KB)

State Brand Policy (PDF, 633.6 KB)

FAQs on Common Branding (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Brand South Australia Guidelines (PDF, 23.3 MB)

Brand South Australia Snapshot Guidelines (PDF, 3.5 MB)

For access to GOSA and State Brand logos and artwork, please see your Director of Communications.

Professional development opportunities for government

As a direct benefit of the Master Media Scheme, complimentary professional development sessions have been developed by the Media Panel, in conjunction with DPC Communications. Sessions are open only to government marketing, communications, engagement and recruitment staff.

Upcoming sessions and links to registrations can be viewed in the Professional Development Calendar.

Government marketing communications expenditure

Refer to Whole of Government Marketing Communications Expenditure.

Current marketing campaigns

The Government of South Australia runs marketing campaigns to educate and inform South Australians about critical matters affecting our state and our communities. For more information or to download campaign assets, see Current campaigns.


Contact the department for matters relating to Government of South Australia communications, marketing and branding.



Departmental media enquiries:


Departmental media enquiries: 0407 743 068

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, please contact us through:

  • National Relay Service (Speak and Listen) call 1300 555 727
  • National Relay Service (TTY users) call 133 677
  • Internet Relay users can connect to the National Relay Service.

If English is not your preferred language, please contact the Interpreting and Translating Centre on 1800 280 203 and ask to speak with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Please tell us if you would prefer to speak to an Aboriginal person.

Complaints and feedback

We understand that mistakes happen despite our best efforts – make a complaint or provide feedback.

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