To implement the Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG), agencies and organisations should develop a procedure explaining how they will apply the guidelines within their organisation. This is called an ISG Appendix.

A Guide to Writing an ISG Appendix (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Until you have developed an ISG Appendix (or updated an existing one), staff are advised to follow current policies and procedures and seek advice from senior staff when needing approval and support for information sharing decisions.

When applying the ISG, you may seek to collaborate with an organisation that hasn’t yet implemented the ISG – that doesn’t mean they can’t share information with you, or that the ISG doesn’t apply to them. In these circumstances, you may direct them to this website to learn about the ISG.

ISG Decision Making Steps and Practice Guide

Use the below two page guide to help you talk through the case at hand. This is the process all agencies and organisations should follow when making information sharing decisions.

ISG Decision Making Steps and Guide (PDF, 587.6 KB)