The Arts Organisations Program provides funding to a diverse portfolio of small-to-medium organisations that contribute to a sustainable and thriving arts and cultural sector in South Australia and support the goals of the Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019–2024.

Arts Organisations Program funding enables arts organisations to:

  • deliver arts experiences for South Australians as audiences through performances, exhibitions, and publications
  • commission and develop new work, in collaboration with artists and other organisations
  • create jobs, employment and income for artists, creatives, other arts workers (eg technical, administrative) and allied areas
  • offer career pathways and development opportunities for artists
  • offer access to the arts and participation opportunities for South Australians, including targeted communities
  • build national and international profile
  • leverage income from other sources, eg earned revenue (including touring and export), development and philanthropic income, other government (e.g. Federal) funding.

The purpose and goals of the Arts Organisations Program


To support a thriving ecology for arts and culture, which empowers South Australia’s makers and creators, and enables arts and culture to enrich the lives of South Australians.


The program contributes to an ecology that:

  • enriches the lives of South Australians with arts and cultural experiences
  • empowers our makers, creators and presenters
  • champions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture
  • amplifies the signature strengths that define the character of the arts in the state.

Organisations deliver the purpose and goals of the Arts Organisations Program through one or more of the following key focus areas:

  • artistic development (creating and presenting artistic outcomes of the highest calibre with vision and imagination)
  • sector development (industry-wide initiatives, arts advocacy and supporting artists’ careers)
  • access to the arts for the broader South Australian community (opportunities for audiences, community engagement and participation)
  • national and international leadership and profile.

Interim Funding 2022

Organisations currently in receipt of Arts Organisations Program funding, with terms expiring at 31 December 2021, may apply for one year’s Interim Funding for 2022.