At a glance

The department is committed to implementing a range of strategies, programs and initiatives to achieve our objectives in line with our purpose, vision and strategic goals.

Highlights from the 2021-22 year include:

  • coordinated the swearing in of the new Governor, Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC.
  • implemented a standardised approach to performance reporting for the South Australian public sector to enhance performance and accountability.
  • supported the new Government’s first Country Cabinet held at Mount Gambier in June 2022.
  • delivered the whole of government election program including:
    • advising on caretaker conventions.
    • coordinating the public sector to prepare for 2022 state election.
    • leading the development of Incoming Government Briefs across government.
    • coordinating swearing in the new government.
  • established a new committee structure to support the new Cabinet’s priorities and decision making, including:
    • Government Performance Cabinet Committee
    • Jobs and Economic Development Cabinet Committee
    • Health Cabinet Committee
    • Emergency Management Cabinet Committee
    • Budget Cabinet Committee
    • Administrative Sub Committee.
  • hosted Force Forty 2021 as part of South Australia’s Population Strategy to bring together a diverse group of 40, 20-40 year old South Australian global talent, as grass-roots ambassadors for our state.
  • supported culturally appropriate settlement support services for skilled migrants, to assist in the day to day aspects of establishing in a new country, such as accessing schools, medical services and housing, with a focus on regional settlement.
  • developed and delivered attraction and retention programs which have resulted in successive positive net interstate migration results in South Australia.
  • through the Regional Workforce Advisory Group, established Commonwealth, State and local government funding for initiatives to address key supply and demand constraints on regional workforce availability.
  • delivered a common operating picture for the State Emergency Centre.
  • supported the operations of the Aboriginal Affairs Executive Council (AAEC).
    • held a forum for all AAEC Working Group members to plan priority activities.
    • engaged consultants to conduct research specific to the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice sector, specifically, release from custody processes and a review of cultural programs.
    • coordinated a pilot Foundations of Directorship Course for AAEC Working Group members to increase Aboriginal employee leadership and governance skills.
    • engaged with the Heads of Procurement Community of Practice to highlight ways to increase Aboriginal business engagement.
    • engaged with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation’s (ACCO’s) through survey to determine priorities in supporting the growth of ACCO’s.
    • provided oversight on the current draft public sector wide Anti-Racism Strategy.
  • commenced consultation on shaping the department’s new organisational structure to align with the government’s priorities for 2022-23.
  • led a comprehensive legislative review that resulted in the South Australian Multicultural Act 2021 being enacted on 2 December 2021, replacing the South Australian Multicultural and Ethic Affairs Commission Act 1980. This landmark legislation set the foundation for new Multicultural policy directions for the future of our State, including the development of the South Australian Multicultural Charter and the role and function of the South Australian Multicultural Commission.
  • actions were delivered and progressed from the DPC Your Voice Action Plan 2021-22, released in October 2021. The Your Voice Action Plan 2021-22 was developed in response to the 2021 Your Voice Survey results, focusing on four key areas:
    • improving our processes and practices
    • enabling our people to be their best
    • increasing visibility of and access to DPC leadership
    • making DPC easier to do business with.

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