Our strategic focus


Making a difference so South Australia thrives.

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The Premier and the Cabinet can fulfil their objectives for South Australia and deliver positive and effective outcomes for the South Australian community.


We embraced the values of the South Australian public sector:

  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Collaboration and engagement
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Courage and tenacity
  • Sustainability

Functions, objectives and deliverables

There were 5 strategic priorities guiding our functions, objectives and deliverables for the 2021-22 year.

1. Economic growth

Drive economic growth, jobs, investment and economic opportunities for South Australia.

2. Thriving South Australia

Ensure all South Australians have the opportunity to thrive.

3. Easy to do business with

Make doing business with government easier.

4. Whole of government effectiveness and administration

Lead a well governed and high performing South Australian public sector.

5. Our people

Be a high performing and effective central agency.

As at 30 June 2022, DPC was comprised of the following divisions:

  • Cabinet Office
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Office for Data Analytics
  • Lot Fourteen
  • Strategic Communications
  • Projects and Procurement
  • Intergovernmental and Diplomatic Relations
  • Communities and Corporate
  • Office of the Chief Executive
  • Customer Experience
  • Office for Digital Government

Changes to the agency

During 2021-22 the agency’s structure and objectives changed as a result of a new incoming government in March 2022, and an internal review of the government’s and agency priorities. This resulted in a change of agency leadership.

On 30 June 2022, the department farewelled Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation as part of machinery of government changes, following the March 2022 election.

The new organisational structure effective 1 July 2022 resulted in the following divisional changes:

Discontinued divisions

  • Office for Digital Government
  • Customer Experience

New divisions

  • Major Programs
  • Government Process

Restructured division

  • Projects and Procurement will no longer be a division

  • Hon Peter Bryden Malinauskas MP – Premier
  • Hon Zoe Lee Bettison MP – Minister for Multicultural Affairs
  • Hon Andrea Michaels MP – Minister for Arts

As at 30 June 2022, the department’s Executive Leadership Team comprised:

  • Mr Damien Walker, Chief Executive
  • Dr Jon Gorvett, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, Executive Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Mr Brenton Caffin, Executive Director, Strategy and Policy
  • Mr Mike Diakomichalis, Executive Director, Customer Experience
  • Mr Wayne Hunter, Acting Chief Digital Officer
  • Ms Alison Lloydd-Wright, Executive Director, Cabinet Office
  • Mr Chris McGowan, A/Executive Director, Intergovernmental and Diplomatic Relations
  • Mr Steven Woolhouse, Executive Director, Communities and Corporate
  • Mr Peter Worthington-Eyre, Executive Director, Office for Data Analytics
  • Ms Diane Dixon, State Project Lead, Lot Fourteen Project
  • Mr Jehad Ali, Director, Brand and Marketing
  • Ms Jessica Leo-Kelton, Director, Communications
  • Ms Jessica Pisani, Director, Office of the Chief Executive.

  • Adelaide Festival Centre Trust Act 1971
  • Adelaide Festival Corporation Act 1998
  • Adelaide Festival Theatre Act 1964
  • Agent-General Act 1901
  • Art Gallery Act 1939
  • Carrick Hill Trust Act 1985
  • Competition Policy Reform (South Australia) Act 1996
  • Constitution Act 1934
  • Emergency Management Act 2004
  • Government Business Enterprises (Competition) Act 1996
  • Infrastructure SA Act 2018
  • Legislation (Fees) Act 2019
  • Libraries Act 1982
  • Mutual Recognition (South Australia) Act 1993
  • Remuneration Act 1990
  • South Australian Country Arts Trust Act 1992
  • South Australian Motor Sport Act 1984
  • South Australian Multicultural Act 2021
  • South Australian Museum Act 1976
  • State Opera of South Australia Act 1976
  • State Theatre Company of South Australia Act 1972
  • Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (South Australia) Act 1999
  • Unauthorised Documents Act 1916

Office of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement

Established in 2007, the Office of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement is a primary point of contact for the Aboriginal community to express their concerns about issues that matter to them and have those concerns and issues addressed. Dr Roger Thomas was appointed as South Australia’s Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement on 18 July 2018. The role of the Commissioner is to provide Aboriginal leadership in South Australia, advocating on behalf of, and engaging with, all Aboriginal people and communities across the state.

During the 2021-2022 financial year, the Commissioner’s office:

  • undertook significant work to progress the Aboriginal Engagement Reform initiative including the drafting of a Bill to reform the engagement relationship between the government and the Aboriginal community of South Australia. The Bill recommended the appointment of a Body that was representative of the Aboriginal community by providing a membership that was half elected and half appointed.
  • prepared a final draft Bill and Cabinet Submission for consideration by the Premier, and presented to Cabinet on 21 July 2021, seeking approval for the Bills introduction to Parliament.
  • progressed targeted consultation, approved by Cabinet and a final report submitted on 22 September 2022. The Premier introduced the Bill to the lower house of the South Australian Parliament on 12 October 2021.
  • contributed to the development of the Government of South Australia’s strategic Aboriginal affairs agenda, drawing on the views and aspirations of Aboriginal South Australians. Specifically, in relation to the reform of the engagement relationship between the Aboriginal community of South Australia and the government.
  • provided input into various other draft legislation, legislative reviews and regulations that impact First Nations. Including:
    • Aboriginal Lands Trust (Prescribed Trust Land) Proclamation 2021.
    • Aboriginal Lands Trust (Davenport Community Dry Zone) Variation Regulation.
    • SA Multicultural Bill and Multicultural Charter.
  • provided advice to all levels of government on issues affecting the lives of Aboriginal South Australians, including high-level policy advice to Chief Executives and Departmental communities. Advice was across areas such as housing and homelessness, education, health, mental health, ageing, justice and corrections, and the environment.
  • facilitated engagement between the Government of South Australia and the Aboriginal community, specifically:
    • investigated and advised on systemic barriers to Aboriginal people’s access and full participation in government, non-government and other services.
    • provided advocacy for individual members of the Aboriginal community.
    • represented the interests of Aboriginal people across the range of bodies and activities.

Office of the South Australian Productivity Commission

The South Australian Productivity Commission (SAPC) was established on  22 October 2018 and is supported by the Office of the South Australian Productivity Commission (OSAPC), attached to DPC. In 2021-22 the OSAPC was led by a Chief Executive, Mr Steve Whetton, (appointed in November 2021 following the departure of Dr Matthew Butlin), and reported to the Premier. The OSAPC is an independent body that makes recommendations to the government to facilitate productivity growth, unlock new economic opportunities, support job creation and remove existing regulatory barriers. The OSAPC produces an independent Annual Report, accessible via their website.

State Governor’s Establishment

The State Governor’s Establishment supports the Governor of South Australia.

Premier’s Delivery Unit

The Premier’s Delivery Unit is an independent office established on 14 April 2022 to oversee the delivery of identified SA Government priorities, including all election commitments. The Office of the Premier’s Delivery Unit is led by Chief Executive, Mr Rik Morris, who reports to the Premier.

Achievements since the unit’s establishment include the establishment of a reporting method and systems. The Premier’s Delivery Unit produces an independent Annual Report, accessible via the DPC Website.

Statutory authorities attached to the department

All statutory authorities attached to the department are producing independent Annual Reports for 2021-22, which are available on their websites.

  • Aboriginal Lands Trust
  • Adelaide Festival Centre Trust
  • Adelaide Festival Corporation
  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Carrick Hill
  • Country Arts SA
  • South Australian Museum
  • State Library of South Australia
  • State Opera South Australia
  • State Theatre Company South Australia