Drive economic growth, jobs, investment and economic opportunities for South Australia.

Key Initiative


Continue to lead the implementation of Growth State: Our Plan for Prosperity to increase the sustainable rate of economic growth.

  • Facilitated setting performance measures for all Growth State initiatives.
  • Delivered the 2021 Growth State Annual Report providing portfolio performance reporting in February 2022.

Continue to lead the development and delivery of a vibrant, engaging and inclusive innovation and ideas district at Lot Fourteen.

  • Continued leadership of the district on behalf of government including engagement of stakeholders via project governance groups for program and project delivery elements.
  • Initiation and leadership of a state-wide district alliance working group to strengthen the state’s industry sector and job creation value proposition.
  • Finalised activation of the heritage buildings and completed demolition of key development sites.
  • Finalised design specification and contract awarded to deliver a district showcase facility.
  • Completed design specifications, construction contractor engagement and commencement fit out for remaining non-heritage buildings to address tenancy demand.
  • Launched The Circle – First Nations Entrepreneur Hub in August 2021.
  • Commenced implementation of Public Art and Culture strategy with the first piece of art unveiled under the strategy in June 2022.

Continue to progress the delivery of Tarrkarri – Centre for First Nations Cultures at Lot Fourteen including the commencement of construction works. Initiated implementation of the proposed future governance framework.

  • Presented the proposal to the Parliamentary Public Works Committee, who recommended the proposed public work on 23 September 2021.
  • Commenced the early works construction program by appointment of the managing contractor Lendlease. Site establishment commenced on 9 December 2021. Early works trade package awarded to Aboriginal business Widi Ngaruwa on 14 February 2022, and commenced excavation works.
  • Continued management of delivery governance structure including:
    • the Executive Steering Committee chaired by the State Project Lead.
    • the Tarrkarri Aboriginal Reference Group, chaired by the Tarrkarri Aboriginal Ambassador, with local and national representation.
  • Initiated the curatorial strategy and program development. Consultation commenced with the curatorial and programming group (subject matter experts) on 25 May 2022, and the Tarrkarri Aboriginal Reference Group on 19 July 2022.

Work with Infrastructure SA on a feasibility study for Northern Water Supply.

  • Completed strategic assessment and analysis.
  • Funding to complete the Business case approved.

Lead a Population Growth strategy, retaining South Australia’s young people and attracting key groups to the state to stimulate economic growth.

  • Delivered migration supports to ensure successful long-term settlement outcomes for migrants to South Australia.
  • Commenced development of the Magnet State program to attract and retain young global talent to support the skilled workforce South Australian industries need to thrive, grow and expand.

Support development of business cases to key economic initiatives in South Australia.

  • Established dedicated resources to provide support to agencies in the preparation of business cases. Support ranged from initial advice and training, through to business case development support and quality assurance.

Develop partnerships with agencies to support the use of the Business Longitude Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) for evidence-based policy decision making.

  • Developed 8 partnerships with agencies to support the use of the business longitude analysis data environment (BLADE) for evidence-based policy decision making.

Continue bushfire recovery and economic rebuilding efforts through the Local Economic Recovery Program.

  • Disbursed $3.831m (excl GST) project funds in 2021-22 and a total of $12.151m (excl GST) project funds under the Local Economic Recovery Program.

Continue to assist South Australia’s arts and culture sector to manage a staged COVID-19 compliant recovery, with a specific focus on support for new thinking and ways of working, and for creating employment for professional practicing artists.

  • Disbursed $4m grants during  2021-22 through the Arts Recovery Fund.
  • Provided a range of support to individuals and organisations to support resilience and recovery.
  • Completed Adelaide Festival Centre and Plaza Upgrade works.

Ensure all South Australians have the opportunity to thrive.

Key Initiative


Continue to support effective and coordinated decision making within the executive government throughout emergency events.

  • The Emergency Management Cabinet Committee was established in March 2022.
  • DPC provided secretariat support and policy advice as requested.
  • Outcomes included:
    • First meeting held on 25 March 2022.
    • 12 meetings held up to 30 June 2022 inclusive, with regular attendance by all Committee members.
    • Advice provided to the Committee by the Police Commissioner and Chief Public Health Officer.

Coordinate, monitor and report against actions under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

  • Developed the South Australia Closing the Gap implementation plan, launched 29 July 2021.

Coordinate, monitor and report against the South Australian Government Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan 2021-2022.

  • Finalised and implemented DPC actions in the South Australian Government Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan 2021-2022.
  • Reported to Cabinet on the progress of actions.
  • Highlights of the Action Plan included:
    • Launched The Circle First Nations Entrepreneur Hub on 27 August 2021.
    • Co-design of the Aboriginal Arts and Cultures Centre facility.
    • Launched the SA Implementation Plan for the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Develop a South Australian Aboriginal Languages Strategy.

  • Progressed a Pilot project conducted by SA Museum and Mobile Language Team (Adelaide University).

Finalise a new Aboriginal Engagement Reform model to enable better engagement between the government and Aboriginal communities and for Aboriginal voices to be more represented in government decision making.

  • Presented draft legislation to Parliament but lapsed when Parliament was prorogued.
  • Announced the appointment of the state’s first Commissioner for First Nations Voice, commencing in August 2022, to consult and present proposed model for an Aboriginal Voice.

Provide Aboriginal and multicultural communities with information and support during the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Distributed 63 SA Health COVID-19 updates to multicultural communities.

Finalise the design and commence construction of the state-owned cultural institutions storage facility.

  • Progressed design works and early works contractor engaged. Main works contract released for tender.

Commence construction of the Carrick Hill Visitors Centre.

  • Engaged building contractor and progressed development of the Carrick Hill Visitors Centre.

Progress the construction of the Hans Heysen Gallery at Hahndorf, which will display works of Sir Hans Heysen and his daughter Nora Heysen.

  • Progressed development of the Hans Heysen Gallery.

Progress implementation of recommendations to government in the Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019-2024.

  • Progressed 26 of 45 recommendations in the Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019-24, including the development of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Strategy for South Australia.

Support the progression and implementation of the legislation to replace the South Australia Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission Act 1980.

  • The South Australia Multicultural Act 2021 was assented by Her Excellency, the Honourable Frances Adamson AC on 21 October 2021, andcame into operation on 2 December 2021 as the State’s sole piece of multicultural legislation.

Support multicultural organisations to advance, celebrate, expand and strengthen their communities through delivery of multicultural grant programs.

  • Delivered 6 multicultural grant streams through the Multicultural Grants Program.

Celebrate the State’s cultural diversity through the annual Governor’s Multicultural Awards.

  • Held the Governor’s Multicultural Awards on 10 March 2022.

Host the fifth biennial South Australian Multicultural Festival in partnership with multicultural organisations and a wide range of community groups to celebrate and engage with South Australia’s multicultural communities.

  • Held the South Australian Multicultural Festival on 14 November 2021.

Make doing business with government easier.

Key Initiative


Establish a strategic, multi-year whole of government customer experience program to drive customer service initiatives and reform.

  • Established a whole of government customer experience vision.
  • Developed a business case that outlines a strategic, whole of government service delivery roadmap.

Lead across government collaboration with service delivery agencies to deliver significant uplift to the experiences of customers when interacting with government.

  • Led across government collaboration with service delivery agencies.

Lead customer pain points research to identify priority customer service improvements for 19 public sector agencies.

  • Delivered report and recommendations to the Chief Executive Council in July 2021.

Continue to make it easier for citizens and businesses to access government services seamlessly through the Government Services Portal.

  • Progressed a roadmap of services for onboarding to the Portal.

Lead the development of a whole of government digital inclusion strategy and roadmap to deliver accessible digital services.

  • Led the development of a whole of government digital inclusion strategy and roadmap ready for the government’s consideration to deliver accessible digital services.
  • Delivered audit of existing digital inclusion initiatives and co-design workshops.
  • Online accessibility toolkit and policy recognised nationally and internationally as best practice. Notable awards were:
    • Winner 2022 Zero Project Award, Innovative Accessibility Practices and Policies.
    • Nomination for United Nations public service award for the South Australian Government – A new approach to online accessibility.
    • 2021 South Australian Premier’s iAward for Innovation in the Public Sector
    • Winner of Good Design award – 2021 Good Design Award, Digital Design: South Australian Government Website Design System/Accessibility Toolkit.

Lead a well governed and high performing South Australian public sector.

Key Initiative


Continue to support good governance and decision-making through rigorous Cabinet process, thorough policy analysis and collaborative relationships across government.

  • Established the Election Network to coordinate election preparation activities across government.
  • Supported the swearing in and settling of the new government after the March 2022 state election.
  • Established processes to support new Cabinet and Cabinet committees.
  • Provided support and information sessions to Minister’s offices and agencies on Cabinet and Cabinet Committee processes.

Implement a standardised approach to performance reporting by the South Australian public sector to improve the way that the sector reports and responds to performance data, as well as increase the focus of the sector on performance.

  • Implemented the Integrated Performance Framework and dashboard reporting in July 2021.

Establish new public sector governance arrangements to drive strategic priorities.

  • Four new governance groups were established and commenced in July 2021.
  • New governance committees were established in June 2022 as a result of a new government.

Improve the Government of South Australia’s security posture through increased monitoring and incident response capabilities to protect government data and establish a security operations centre model for whole of government.

  • Implemented whole of government protection measures.
  • Increased monitoring and detection capabilities.
  • Initiated a security operations centre model for whole of government and additional threat intelligence and incident response resources to protect government data and systems.

Continue to provide whole of government data analytics leadership by reviewing the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016, delivering a Data Strategy for South Australia, supporting implementation of the updated Information Sharing Guidelines and working with agencies on targeted analytical projects for South Australia.

  • Reviewed the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016.
  • Delivered a Data Strategy for South Australia.
  • Delivered an Emergency Management Data Strategy.
  • Updated and continued to administer the Information Sharing Guidelines.
  • Established data asset committees to govern our social, economic and environment/emergency data assets.

Negotiate the best possible outcomes for South Australia in intergovernmental forums, including through intergovernmental funding agreements; and continue to implement the Adelaide City Deal.

  • Provided strategic advice and support to the Premier for regular meetings of the National Cabinet, National Federation Reform Council and the Council for the Australian Federation.
  • Continued to implement the Adelaide City Deal, including:
    • Tarrkarri Centre for First Nations Cultures.
    • Renegotiated arrangements for repurposing Digital Technologies Academy.
  • Negotiated funding agreements, including the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Agreement, an extension to the National Partnership on COVID-19 Response, and a revision to the Adelaide City Deal.

Be a high performing and effective central agency.

Key Initiative


Develop a Cultural Learning Framework.

  • DPC staff participated in a cultural assessment survey used to measure a baseline of employees cultural capabilities.
  • Developed a Cultural Learning Framework.

Progress People and Culture reform and improvements to development, recruitment and talent management solutions through DPC Connect.

  • Progressed reform and improvements to development, recruitment and talent management solutions through DPC Connect.
  • Implemented enhanced recruitment functionality, including:
    • interview scheduling and selection outcome report workflows.
    • review and approval of requisition requests via a mobile device.
    • simplified requisition processes for users.

Analyse the whole of government employee engagement I Work for SA Your Voice survey results and develop a departmental Action Plan.

  • Established a steering committee to develop and implement DPC’s Your Voice Action Plan 2021-22.
  • Progressed and delivered related departmental Your Voice actions.
  • Implemented and progressed the department’s Your Voice Action Plan 2021-22.

Progress delivery of the department’s Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2020-2022, DPC Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2020- 2023, Gender Equality and Respect Action Plan 2021- 2022, and Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 deliverables.

  • Progressed initiatives and programs for the department’s action plans. Highlights included:
    • Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan March 2020 - March 2023.
      • Progressed development and implementation of a DPC Cultural Learning Framework.
      • Developed and implemented a DPC Acknowledgement to Country.
    • Diversity and Inclusion Framework
      • Improved staff understanding of intersectionality in the updated Unconscious Bias Awareness online course.
      • Completed significant update to the Inclusive Communities Benefits Everyone LGBTIQA+ Awareness online course, resulting from an across Government Communities of Practice consultation. This updated course is now used by other Agencies across the South Australian Public Sector.
      • Consulted with the South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance (SARAA) to review and update the Department’s Gender Affirmation in the Workplace Procedure, the first such procedure in the South Australian Public Sector.
  • Gender Equality and Respect (GER) Action Plan 2021-22.
    • DPC achieved White Ribbon workplace re-accreditation.
    • Built on previous year’s efforts with:
      • Expansion of functionality in the DPC Connect Recruitment module to provide reporting and analysis on candidate attraction by gender and disclosure of diversity data.
      • Education activities to expand staff awareness and knowledge of domestic and family violence through an intersectional perspective.
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2020-24.
    • DAIP Action 3. Promote the South Australian Government Online Accessibility Policy and Online Accessibility Toolkit to South Australian Government agencies.
      • The Toolkit attained international and national awards including a Zero Project award, in the category of Accessibility and Inclusion in February 2022 (conference held at the United Nations in Vienna). The Toolkit is cited as a global benchmark of best practice in the accessibility ecosystem field and is accepted as an industry standard. The Austrian Parliament plan to replicate this as a standard for Europe.
    • DAIP Action 20. Collaborate in the development of partnerships with disability peak bodies and disability arts agencies to explore future accessibility programs.
      • Collaborated with Tutti Arts, a South Australian multi arts organisation where artists with a disability create visual art, theatre, music, dance, film, digital media and installations.

Implement the department’s Freedom of Information Future State Map process.

  • Implemented the department’s Freedom of Information Future State Map process in December 2021.

Implement a DPC performance and reporting dashboard to capture and report on the department’s strategic objectives, projects and programs.

  • Implemented a departmental performance reporting dashboard in March 2022, integrating across department business and action plan reporting for over 400 deliverables.

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