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The Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019–2024 prepared by independent consultants for the government’s consideration included a series of 45 recommendations under the plan’s 13 objectives.

The government’s response to each summarised objective is detailed in the pages below with a status update. While the department is progressing each recommendation as a project, a holistic overview of the intent of the Arts Plan is being maintained and the interdependencies and interrelatedness of the projects is being closely monitored.

If you would like to be consulted in relation to the government’s response to a particular recommendation, please email, outlining your interest.


The Government of South Australia is working through the recommendations, with 31 of the 45 recommendations now fully addressed or operationalised. Further details can be found in the pages below with updates for each recommendation under progress.

We also acknowledge and thank all in the sector for their significant support of the Arts Plan, as they respond in the context of their own work and organisations.

  1. Ensure sectors thrive throughout the year
  2. Review grant programs
  3. Consider regional and rural South Australia
  4. Develop and deliver a state-wide Digital Access Plan
  5. Ensure the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust’s venues excel
  6. Examine arts governance
  7. Ensure a whole-of-government approach
  8. Explore new partnerships and collaborations
  9. Aboriginal arts and culture
  10. Education in the arts
  11. International engagement
  12. Storage for collections
  13. Evaluation and measurement

*Implementation of recommendations that have financial impacts that cannot be met from within existing departmental resources will be the subject of consideration through future budget processes.

Refer to the objectives in full.