Objective: develop and deliver on a state-wide Digital Access Plan for our irreplaceable cultural collections – building on the work of those institutions that are already engaged in this work and helping to ensure that these collections are therefore accessible to all South Australians and the world. Digital platforms provide a window to the world for South Australia’s unique cultural heritage and we must take advantage of this opportunity to showcase ourselves.

Recommendation and response

Accepted - A feasibility study will be undertaken to assess the viability of a digitisation business to deliver services across the state.

The Digital Access Consultative Group (DACG) was established, comprising members of key cultural, heritage and art collection organisations, to support progression of the State’s Digital Access Plan (DAP) and Digital Access Model. The DACG developed principles aimed at creating the collaborative digital access model necessary to significantly expand public digital access and preservation.

The DACG delivered the Digitisation Service Feasibility Study to the Steering Committee to note. Steering Committee has supported a request to commence a business case costing the preferred service model as identified by DACG.

DACG has endorsed the Arts and Culture Digital Access Plan for South Australia.

The Steering Committee is also supporting the DACG to re-scope the digital access pilot to progress key principles of the DAP.

With the recommendation now complete, work is progressing on the digital access pilot to progress key principles of the DAP. This includes collaboration, sharing digitisation expertise and providing interactive access to South Australia’s digital assets.

Acknowledgment should be made, that whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is posing significant challenges across the sector, South Australian arts organisations have embraced digitisation and the digital space, with many organisations providing online workshops and delivering their artistic programs through various digital platforms.

Arts South Australia will continue to support organisations to leverage the opportunities for engagement with their respective audiences, through the digital space.

Supported in-principle - As part of the response to recommendation 4.1, we will work with key stakeholders to scope a Digital Cultures Fund for further consideration.

The Digital Cultures Fund will be guided by the principles of the Digital Access Plan and is intended to provide funding to progress digitisation and digital skills development in a coherent and collaborative way across the sector.

Establishment of the fund is subject to securing funding. Investment in a pilot program utilising funding from the Arts Recovery Fund is currently being scoped to support digitisation infrastructure as well as skills development that supports implementation of the objectives and principles of the Digital Access Plan under development for recommendation 4.1.

Supported in-principle - As part of the response to recommendation 4.1, we will work with key stakeholders to design a Digital Cultures Matched Fund for further consideration.

Conversations are underway within government and the sector to understand the sector and government’s support for arts and culture educational activity. These discussions are informing the most beneficial potential strategies to support digital learning and innovation.