Objective: ensure that the arts, cultural and creative sectors in South Australia thrive throughout the year

Recommendation and response

Accepted – In collaboration with key stakeholders, we will develop a festival schedule for South Australia.

Arts South Australia is working with the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) on the development of the state’s Arts and Cultural Tourism Strategy, due for release later this year. There has been wide-ranging consultation both within the arts and cultural sector, and with the broader community through a YourSAy government survey.

Accepted – Working with sector leads, we will identify existing needs and future options for an optimal use space activation plan for independent artists and small to medium sector organisations.

Arts South Australia has undertaken a comprehensive review of existing venue infrastructure and a survey of sector needs.

This work is informing the development of a Space Activation Plan, as well as supporting the investigations under recommendation 1.5 regarding the creation of a black box theatre.

Additionally, several initiatives designed to remove barriers and optimise the use of existing venues have been undertaken, including:

  • Government funding for venue modifications at the Queens Theatre, Adelaide to expand its flexible and adaptive use; Chaffey Theatre, Renmark to complete fire compliance works and installation of a passenger lift to provide greater accessibility; and the conversion of the old Varcoe Foundry building adjacent to Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mount Gambier, into a year-round artist hub and flexible performance space
  • Adelaide Festival Centre’s Space Activation initiative, supported with funding from Arts South Australia, which reduces cost barriers for independent artists, community groups and the small to medium sector, enabling them to use the Space Theatre
  • Adelaide Fringe 2021 venue activation in response to COVID-19, supported by the government’s Arts Recovery Fund. This initiative provided some risk mitigation to South Australian artists and producers by providing grants to relieve venue and delivery costs, as well as supporting COVID-safe delivery for three major hubs: Gluttony, Garden of Unearthly Delights and the Royal Croquet Club and smaller venues.

Supported in principle – We will engage with key sector stakeholders to investigate the need and options for a cost effective ticketing system for organisations not serviced by existing systems.

A review of sector needs and investigation into existing and potential ticketing systems has been undertaken, considering whether a cost-effective consortium ticketing system or alternative model could be used by the small-to-medium sector to provide ticketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Meanwhile, the ticketing landscape in South Australia has changed, with the closure of BASS and Ticketek taking over Adelaide Festival Centre ticketing.

Sector leaders have begun work on establishing a pilot consortium through Tessitura, which is already in use by Adelaide Festival, State Theatre Company of SA and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO).

Supported in principle – We will consider undertaking a business case on the scope and viability of an acoustic venue.

The final Scoping Study report was finalised in August 2021. It includes an investment logic map, developed in consultation with key stakeholders, that captures the strategic consideration for a purpose-built concert hall and the benefits being targeted by the sector.

The report finds a new facility has the potential to help drive skills development for future industries, act as centre point for community vibrancy and inclusion, and facilitate growth in our creative industries.

The Scoping Study report was the initial component for the potential new facility for acoustic music performance and education. It will be followed by the development of an “options analysis” in accordance with the established Infrastructure SA assurance framework, which is expected to be completed by June 2022.

Supported in principle – We will consider undertaking a feasibility study for a black box theatre.

Building on the needs analysis undertaken in relation to recommendation 1.2 (Space Activation Plan), and taking into account the impending closure of some CBD venues, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet is investigating priorities around the development of new theatre spaces. Work on the Queens Theatre continues, and a new theatre space at LIGHT on Light Square is proposed for 2022.

Supported in principle – We will undertake further consultation with Country Arts SA and other regional stakeholders to develop a plan for regional arts centres as creative hubs.

Arts South Australia and Country Arts SA are collaborating to progress this recommendation.

Country Arts SA is finalising Master Plans for four regional arts centres. Their strategic planning for the revitalisation of the regional arts centres, as well as ongoing engagement with key stakeholders in each community continues to inform this work.