Objective: examine arts governance and encourage more resourcefulness, tasking our arts boards to have a stronger focus on diversifying funding sources, but at the same time looking to provide rolling triennial funding to arts organisations to improve their opportunities for long term planning.

Recommendation and response

Supported in principle – We will investigate suitable options to deliver a comprehensive Board capacity development program for South Australian arts organisations.

Broad research and consultation was undertaken with a range of potential training providers including:

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Creative Partnerships Australia
  • Fundraising institute of Australia
  • Governance institute
  • Diversity Australia.

Additionally, targeted stakeholder engagement was undertaken via an online survey for organisations receiving funding through the Arts South Australia Arts Organisations Program (AOP), in order to identify areas of need around governance skills, and capacity development, strategic planning and philanthropy. This engagement informed the development of the Capacity and Diversity Development Grants program, which was rolled out in June 2021. Twenty-three organisations were funded to address these priorities.

Additionally, the 'Government Boards and Committees Guidelines for Agencies and Board Members' is also currently being updated. The update aims to assist government organisations in understanding their governance responsibilities as government appointed boards and refine board induction processes.

Supported in principle – We will seek support for a full time senior representative of Creative Partnerships Australia to be based in Adelaide.

Creative Partnerships Australia (CPA) creates opportunities for arts and investment, bringing together the arts, donors and business for mutual benefit.

CPA’s State Manager is now based in Adelaide, providing increased opportunities for face-to-face connections between arts organisations and investment partners outside of the sector (such as philanthropists, sponsors and entrepreneurs). The SA Development Collective is an initiative of the CPA, facilitating regular talks and networking opportunities which support artists, organisations and investment partners to imagine new investment models. CPA is also supporting increased opportunities for the South Australian arts and culture sector, including the LIFT Covid Mentorships specifically for arts fundraising managers or executives who play key operational roles within their organisations.

Government has implemented this recommendation. Arts South Australia’s commitment to working closely with CPA in support of the sector is ongoing.

Accepted – We will review the options and implications of this recommendation to develop a program to modernise and streamline governance structures for the state’s Statutory Authorities.

In response to this recommendation, government commissioned the Statutory Authority Governance Structures Review Report which was delivered in November 2020.The report considers sector strengths, improved collaboration, effectiveness and efficiencies in the context of changing business models and environments. The report also examines priorities relating to governance structures and practices, and makes three recommendations to government, as well as an option for future consideration.

Government sought direct feedback from each of the stakeholder organisations and their responses are informing further investigation of governance and structural reforms.

Arts South Australia continues to consider opportunities to modernise and streamline governance structures for South Australia’s arts and cultural statutory authorities and public corporations.

Accepted – The government is committed to increasing diversity across all South Australian arts boards, building on the outcomes of the Multicultural Legislative Review 2019.

In line with work underway for recommendation 6.1, Arts South Australia consulted with DPC’s Boards and Committees unit regarding current processes for government board appointments as well as potential for opening up access to the Government’s BoardingCall database for community and volunteer boards.

DPC’s Boards and Committees unit has committed to updating/refreshing the Government Boards and Committees Guidelines for Agencies and Board Members by the end of 2021.

While government guidelines do not state specific targets, they encourage government agencies to increase diversity and outline mechanisms for developing representation of people with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, Aboriginal representation and youth representation.

Also, in conjunction with recommendation 6.1, Arts South Australia invited small-to-medium organisations to submit an expression of interest for Capacity and Diversity Development grants. The organisations were asked to identify priority areas for development, such as cultural awareness, diversity and culturally safe practices and 23 organisations were funded to address these priorities.

Accepted – Work will be progressed to promote the utilisation of the Australian Cultural Fund.

Arts South Australia has worked with the SA-based Creative Partnerships Manager to increase promotion of the Australian Cultural Fund - with a view to supporting improvements in non-government income generation by the arts and cultural sector. Promotion of the Australian Cultural Fund has been embedded in Arts South Australia’s Arts and Culture Grant Program, and ongoing promotional activities will be undertaken by Arts South Australia and Creative Partnerships Australia.

Government has implemented this recommendation.