Annual reports

The Hon Steven Marshall MP
Premier of South Australia

This annual report will be presented to Parliament to meet the statutory reporting requirements of the Public Sector Act 2009, the Public Sector Regulations 2010 and the Public Finance and Audit Act 1987 and the requirements of Premier and Cabinet Circular PC013 Annual Reporting.

This report is verified to be accurate for the purposes of annual reporting to the Parliament of South Australia.

Submitted on behalf of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet by:

Nick Reade
Chief Executive

Signed 30 September 2021

From the Chief Executive

As the lead and central agency, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) continued to play an instrumental role in delivery of the Government of South Australia’s commitments and priorities during 2020–21.

DPC championed a new public sector purpose statement ‘Making a difference so South Australia thrives’ and the new South Australian Public Sector Strategy, which articulates three strategic priorities:

  • Economic growth: driving economic growth, jobs, investment and economic opportunities for South Australia
  • Thriving SA: ensuring all South Australians have the opportunity to thrive
  • Easy to do business with: making government easier to do business with

To align the public sector’s new strategic priorities, important governance reform was undertaken. The Senior Management Council was replaced with the Chief Executive Council, and three new councils were established to oversee comprehensive workplans across the three priority areas.

I acknowledge the support of all chief executives and thank them for embracing the new governance model, which will ensure all agencies are aligned with and contributing to the strategic direction of the South Australian Public Sector.

The COVID-19 Transition Committee, which I chair, continued to provide considered advice to the State Coordinator on matters relating to the easing of pandemic emergency management restrictions.

DPC assisted SA Health in an effective government COVID-19 response through development and delivery of critical digital pandemic tools such as COVID-Safe QR Check-in program, COVID test booking engine and the COVID-Safe Plan. DPC also worked across government to support and coordinate with agencies involved in delivering COVID-19 response efforts.

The wellbeing of our staff remained a key focus during the year, as employees grappled with restrictions and working remotely. I commend all staff across the department for ensuring continuity of service and maintaining their professionalism throughout.

In 2020–21 DPC continued its focus on delivering on the Premier’s priorities including growing jobs and the economy, digitising government and using data and technology to inform decision making.

All nine industry sector strategies were launched under Growth State plan, and DPC continued to progress delivery of significant projects under the Adelaide City Deal and progressed the development of Lot Fourteen as a curated innovation precinct.

DPC progressed the Government Services Portal, which will improve the experiences of interacting with government. We launched the ICT, Cyber Security and Digital Government Strategy which sets out key principles and priorities to enable the state to be accessible, collaborative, secure and trusted.

Our Bushfire Rebuilding and Recovery Program team was recognised as finalists for their excellence in service delivery – Emergency Response at the 2020 Premier’s Excellence Awards.

DPC administered a $10.2 million Arts Recovery Fund to fast-track recovery and reimagining in South Australia’s arts and culture sector, supporting dozens of organisations, groups and individuals in collaboration and partnerships, theatre and festival re-opening and digital innovation.

The South Australian Multicultural Bill was introduced to Parliament following extensive consultation affirming the government’s ongoing commitment to building stronger and vibrant multicultural communities by setting a foundation for new multicultural policy directions.

DPC launched the Gender Equality and Respect Action Plan 2021–2022, which outlines a commitment to eliminating violence against women and creating a culture of gender equality and respect in the workplace, aligned to the OurWatch Workplace Equality and Respect National Standards and White Ribbon Workplace accreditation.

The Aboriginal Career Pathways Program was also launched this year. The program provides a tailored development plan for enabling and accelerating participants’ careers and explores pathways to obtaining higher classification jobs. The department’s first Aboriginal Policy Development Program employee commenced in April 2021.

Cultural awareness, appreciation and understanding remains a key priority within DPC. The department’s stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2020–2023 creates tangible, measurable change for improvement of the lives of Aboriginal employees, businesses and communities, in partnership with Aboriginal people and their communities. The department’s National Reconciliation Week events reinforced a strong message both within the public sector and across the South Australian community that ‘reconciliation’ is a verb that requires action.

The Government of South Australia’s Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan 2021–2022 was launched in March 2021 comprising 41 initiatives, 5 of which are being led by DPC.

In preparation for delivering the Government of South Australia’s commitments and priorities, some important, internal structural changes were made, including the appointment of a Deputy Chief Executive, together with new executive functions Strategic Communications, Strategy and Policy, and Customer Experience.

I recognise and acknowledge the efforts of former DPC Chief Executive Jim McDowell, as well as Dr Jon Gorvett, who acted in the chief executive role prior to my commencement in February 2021.

On behalf of the executive leadership team, I thank our staff for their hard work and dedication throughout the year and look forward to continuing to make a difference so South Australia thrives in 2022.

Nick Reade
Chief Executive
Department of the Premier and Cabinet


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