The following is a summary of external consultants that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken, and the actual payments made for the work undertaken during the financial year.

Consultancies with a contract value below $10,000 each



$ Actual payment

All consultancies below $10,000 each - combined


45 055

Consultancies with a contract value above $10,000 each



$ Actual payment

BDO Advisory

Deliver a strategic risk review of the department

10 271

Creativation Pty Ltd

Advise on business case for the website transformation

12 000

Henderson Horrocks Risk Services

Investigate and provide a report for the whole of government workplace investigation services panel

16 298


Review of customer pain points across South Australian Government agencies identifying areas for service improvement

16 428

Innovation Pro Pty Ltd

Review of the department’s Executive Emergency Management capability

29 700

Susan McCormack Consulting

Undertake consultation with stakeholders for the Carrick Hill Masterplan report

34 000

Ernst & Young

Review of the fraud risk across the department

34 915

McGrathNicol Advisory

Specialist advice in relation to risk management planning for the Lot Fourteen precinct

36 909

Paul John Rice QC

Review into the operation of the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016 andformal governance arrangements for the management and use of public sector data

40 000

Gray Andreotti Advisory

Provide commercial advisory services in regards to the structuring, governance, financial, divestment, risk, policy and strategy for the management of Lot Fourteen as an innovation district

45 240


Review of the digital and customer experience programs

49 355


Develop a business case for the Digital Technologies Academy

79 500

Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Undertake additional study into specific matters relating to the Northern Water Supply Project

136 364

KSJ Consulting Service Pty Ltd

Support for the initial delivery of the Aboriginal engagement strategy and action plan for Tarrkarri – Centre for First Nations Cultures

180 000

University of Adelaide

Undertake analysis of pathways from education to employment for young persons with disability as one of five pilot test cases contributing to the establishment of the National Disability Data Asset

233 346


Develop a business case to establish a whole of government, customer experience and digital transformation opportunity roadmap to support government in making an informed decision on the investment needed to deliver service transformation

746 080



1 700 406

Data for previous years is available at Data.SA Consultants engaged by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet

See also the Consolidated Financial Report of the Department of Treasury and Finance - Budget Paper 3 (Budget Statement Appendix C) for total value of consultancy contracts across the South Australian Public Sector.

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