Cabinet submissions are required for any matter where Cabinet is asked to make a decision – generally to approve a particular course of action.

A Cabinet submission is used for:

  • significant or sensitive policy decisions or announcements, whether they are new policies or changes to existing policies
  • significant or sensitive issues requiring extensive consultation with key business or community stakeholders or with the public sector
  • new legislation or regulations, or amendments to existing legislation and regulations
  • negotiating positions or terms of offer on significant industrial relations issues
  • politically sensitive ministerial statements
  • new public sector initiatives, contracts, purchase of goods and services or land, grants, payments and government office accommodation projects, in line with Treasurer’s Instructions 8 and 17
  • significant appointments, including to the judiciary, significant government boards and chief executive roles
  • Machinery of Government changes
  • establishing a new government board
  • the commissioning of, or proposed responses to, significant internal or external reviews
  • offers of rewards (such as in the case of missing persons)
  • any matter that requires approval of the Governor in Executive Council.

Included below are some of the topics that may be dealt with as a Cabinet submission:

Strategic policy

Legislation, regulations and proclamations

Intergovernmental matters

Financial expenditure

Administrative matters


Establishing a government board