The Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019–2024 aims to guide the growth of and investment in the state’s leadership in the arts and cultural sector.


  1. To promote the role of arts and culture in enriching the lives of all South Australians.
  2. To empower South Australia’s makers and creators.
  3. To champion Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture.
  4. To amplify South Australia’s signature strengths that define the character of the arts in the state.
  5. To enhance the physical and organisational arts and culture infrastructure in South Australia.
  6. To drive a connected approach to advocacy and future government investment in arts and culture.


  1. Visionary leadership – leadership for the arts and culture sector to be delivered with strong advocacy and sound investment.
  2. Strategic collaboration – between artists, organisations and industries, and with communities and governments to optimise resources and amplify strengths.
  3. Embracing diversity – promoting inclusion and encouraging new voices and approaches across all demographics.
  4. Courageous experimentation – open to new ways of working, entrepreneurial thinking, and harnessing digital transformation and future technologies.

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