The South Australian public sector has united under the purpose: Making a difference so South Australia thrives.

To increase awareness, a public sector purpose statement brand has been created. All Government of South Australia recruitment advertising must use the purpose statement brand to promote roles within the public sector, unless the agency has a valid brand exemption in place.

Activating the brand on recruitment advertising

Recruitment agencies acting on behalf of the Government of South Australia play an important role in being champions of the purpose statement. This includes selecting candidates that connect with the statement and using the brand in all external advertising.

The toolkit for recruitment agencies details the assets required to activate the brand, including examples of the ad in situ. Where it is not possible to use branding, for example a classic job ad on Seek, recruitment agencies are asked to please integrate the purpose statement words within the ad content.

For full details, refer to the Government of South Australia Recruitment Advertising Policy and Guidelines.

Download the Toolkit for recruitment agencies (PDF, 1 MB)


Header (print)

For use on print newspaper ads.

Press header for use on print newspaper ads (colour)

Press header, 186 x 129 mm colour (JPG, 720KB) Press header, 186 x 129 mm colour (PDF, 35 KB)

Press header for use on print newspaper ads (mono)

Press header, 186 x 129 mm mono (JPG, 679 KB) | Press header, 186 x 129 mm mono (PDF, 36 KB)

Header (Seek)

For use on Seek StandOut ads.

Seek header for use on Seek StandOut ads (colour)

Seek header, 1400 x 600 (JPG, 181 KB)


The primary typeface for the Purpose Statement Brand is Poppins. To ensure consistency, Poppins is to be used across both print and digital applications. This font is available as a free download from Google Fonts:

In situations where it is not possible to install and use Poppins, Arial may be used as a supplementary font. The Purpose Statement logo must always be represented in Poppins.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this toolkit or application of the public sector purpose brand, please contact the Department of the Premier and Cabinet communications team: