Statistics from the 2016 Census show that almost 400,000 South Australians were born overseas and about 270,000 speak a language other than English at home.

South Australians come from about 200 countries and are affiliated with more than 100 religions.

Migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds make up nearly 15 percent of South Australia's population. When the children of migrants are added, this figure rises to nearly 25 percent.

The main non-English speaking countries of origin (of the current population) are India, China, Italy, Vietnam, Philippines, Germany, Greece, Malaysia and South Africa.

The main languages other than English spoken at home in South Australia are Italian, Mandarin, Greek, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, German, Polish and Spanish.

The largest religions in South Australia are Christian, with 823,426 people (nearly 50 percent) nominating a Christian religion, Buddhism (31,289), Islam (28,547), Hinduism (22,922), Sikhism (8,808), Baha'i (1,516), Australian Aboriginal Traditional Religions (475) and Judaism (1,030).

The top ancestries claimed by South Australian residents are English, Australian, Scottish, German, Irish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Dutch, Indian, Polish, Vietnamese, Filipino and Welsh.

2016 Census data summary data tables

More detail and statistics about each of the above categories is available in the individual data tables prepared by Multicultural Affairs based on the 2016 Census.

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