The Arts Organisations Program (AOP) provides funding to vibrant small-to-medium arts and cultural organisations that contribute to a sustainable and thriving arts culture in South Australia.

Annual or multi-year funding is available for organisations to support Creativity, Success, Artistic Risk, Ambition, Reach and Access.

Annual funding provides between $70 000 and $110 000 per annum. Multi-year funding provides more than $110 000 per annum.

Please note: The AOP is currently being reviewed as part of the Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019–2024 Objective 2: Review of grants programs to ensure that existing funds and increased grant allocations are focused on supporting independent artists and organisations and a successful and sustainable ecosystem for creative enterprise.

To allow time for the implementation of any changes to the program, and for arts organisations to adjust to the impact of COVID-19, Arts South Australia has amended the AOP process this year.

The Annual Funding category will not be open to new applicants. Organisations currently in receipt of funding will be invited to apply by 30 October 2020 and notified by 30 November 2020.

There will not be a Triennial Funding round this year. Current recipients, with terms due to end in 2020, will be extended until 31 December 2021.

Guidelines for Arts Organisations funding commencing in 2022 will be published in late 2020, with applications open in the second quarter of 2021.