The state government is banning mobile phones in all public high schools.

Stopping high school students from using mobile phones during school time will help improve both their concentration in the classroom and level of learning retention.

The new no-phone policy is the result of a commitment made by the state government in November 2022 and aligns South Australia with other national jurisdictions.

From term 1 of the 2023 school year, students are transitioning to keeping their mobile phones off while school is on. From term 3, all South Australian public high schools will have mobile phone bans in place but can approve exemptions for individual students on a case-by-case basis.

A state-wide public education campaign started on 28 February, with the key objective of maintaining awareness among the community about the new policy and its purpose. The campaign will also ensure parents, caregivers and the broader community are well informed and understand where to go for detailed, accurate information about the ban and policy.

Visit phonesoff.sa.gov.au to learn more about the changes.