The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is the lead agency supporting the Premier and Cabinet by developing policy and delivering programs to realise the government’s vision for South Australia.

The department:

  • delivers specialist policy advice to the Premier
  • enables Cabinet to be an effective decision-making body
  • has overarching responsibility for Commonwealth-state and international diplomatic relations
  • provides a single agency focus in delivering core functions for:
    • Aboriginal community support and advice
    • promoting Aboriginal Reconciliation and employment diversity
    • multicultural affairs support and advice
    • leading and developing the state’s strategic agenda across the arts, cultural and creative sector delivering funding, support, advice and coordination to the sector
    • caring for the state’s collections, buildings and other assets within the arts, cultural and creative sector.
  • leads whole of government reforms and initiatives to drive the Premier’s vision for South Australia
  • drives key government initiatives which are of importance to the state at any time
  • leads policy reform and delivers effective platforms for an across government strategic approach to communications, community engagement, cyber security, and digital technology and infrastructure.

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The Premier and the Cabinet can fulfil their objectives for South Australia and deliver positive and effective outcomes for the South Australian community.


The public sector values underpin everything we do and guide our behaviours. These are:

  • Trust
  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Collaboration and Engagement
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Courage and Tenacity
  • Sustainability.

Further information is about these values is available from the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment website.

Strategic framework

Strategic Framework 2020-2023 (PDF, 71.6 KB)

Strategic plan

Strategic Plan 2020-2021 (PDF, 130.3 KB)

Organisational structure

Organisational structure (PDF, 603.6 KB)

Annual reports

Our Annual Reports demonstrate the great scope of activities undertaken by the department in support of the government’s strategic priorities and key policy initiatives, while meeting our financial reporting requirements.