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OrganisationProject Total Allocated Amount2019-20 Amount2020-21 Amount (indexation exclusive)
Adelaide Mosque Islamic Society of SA IncorporatedBuilding Multicultural Relationships at Adelaide Mosque$158,532$79,266$79,266
Amazing Northern Multicultural Services IncorporatedLet us Connect Together Through Community Garden and Life Skills$100,000$50,000$50,000
Australian Refugee Association IncorporatedNew Arrival Safety Awareness Project$157,789$78,895$78,895
Cambodian Association Of South Australia IncorporatedCambodian Outreach Service$142,297$71,149$71,149
Chinese Welfare Services of SA IncorporatedStronger Communities Connection Project$12,500$6,250$6,250
Filipino Settlement Coordinating Council of South Australia IncorporatedInnov8 Community Hub: Connect, Create and Contribute$82,125$41,063$41,063
Islamic Society of South Australia IncorporatedBuilding Resilience In Diverse Groups & Ethnicities (BRIDGE) to Strengthen families$60,530$30,265$30,265
Middle Eastern Communities Council of SA IncorporatedEmpowerment of vulnerable youth$60,000$30,000$30,000
Muslim Women’s Association of South Australia IncorporatedUnity in Diversity - Creating a Harmonious Society for Prosperity$90,000$45,000$45,000
Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre IncorporatedEmerging Intercultural Leaders Network and Culturally Diverse Audience Engagement Framework$102,776$51,388$51,388
Pakistani Australian Association of South Australia IncorporatedPakistani Community integration in SA social, economic and civil life$91,000$45,500$45,500
Telugu Association of South Australia Inc.Stronger Communities - Crossing Cultures$8,744$4,372$4,372
The South Sudanese Equatorians Community Association of South Australia IncorporatedClosing The Generational Gaps In Sudanese Families: Intergenerational Engagement$16,842$8,421$8,421
Vietnamese Boat People Monument Association IncVietnamese Boat People: Community Research Project and Documentary$111,235$55,618$55,618