This policy assists South Australian Government agencies to ensure they maintain a high-level of confidence in their employee’s ongoing suitability to access South Australian Government information and resources.

Applying this policy helps to ensure that each agency’s employees continue to meet all eligibility and suitability requirements established at the point of employment, or commencement in their current position, as well as manage the risk of insider threat.

This policy is to be applied in conjunction with South Australian Protective Security Framework (SAPSF) policy Recruiting employees.

Core requirement 11

Ensure the ongoing suitability of all employees

Supporting requirements

To ensure the ongoing suitability of all employees, agencies* must:

  1. establish processes to maintain confidence that all employees remain suitable to hold their position
  2. ensure security cleared employees (Including eligibility waivers and conditional security clearance holders) comply with the minimum requirements of their clearance at all times
  3. share information of security concern with the appropriate authorities.

PERSEC2 Guidance (PDF, 793.0 KB)

*This policy applies to all South Australian public sector agencies (as defined in section 3(1) of the Public Sector Act 2009) and to any other person or organisation that is generally subject to the direction of a Minister of the Crown; all of which are referred to in this policy as “Agencies”.