Specific rules apply both to establishing a new government board or committee and to making board or committee appointments.

Establishing a new board or committee

The establishment of a new board or committee must be approved by Cabinet. Guidance on when to establish a board or committee, and a template for seeking Cabinet’s approval, can be found in Department of the Premier and Cabinet Circular PC022. Requirements in relation to remuneration of government boards can be found in Department of the Premier and Cabinet Circular PC016.

The Boards and Committees Unit of the department has put together a range of information to help manage board and committee administration.

Appointments requiring Cabinet referral

Appointments to boards and committees must be noted by Cabinet where:

  • the board is a public corporation (or the governing body of a public corporation)
  • the board is a major advisory board
  • the board is a significant statutory authority (or the governing body of a significant statutory authority)
  • members receive annual remuneration.

Appointments must also be noted by Cabinet where the board's membership is less than 50% female or where the proposed appointee is male.

For the full detail of this policy, refer to Cabinet Guide 4. More information is also available about the specific requirements for each board or committee.

Women on boards

The government is committed to 50% of all board and committee members being women and 50% of all government board and committees being chaired by women. To find out more, refer to the information about gender representation.

Templates for appointments to boards and committees

Visit the templates page to download the required templates.

Board and committee appointment checklist

Specific information is required in order for Cabinet to note appointments or to recommend them to the Governor. You can use the board and committee appointment checklist to help you complete your submission or note.