Cabinet Office plays an important role in supporting the Premier as Chair of Cabinet, the Governor in Executive Council, the Cabinet Secretary, the Cabinet committees and the Chief Executive of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Parliament House

Cabinet Office is comprised of the following areas:

  • Cabinet Advice - provides strategic policy advice to the Premier and Cabinet ministers, support for the Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet committees, and coordination of services for the effective and efficient functioning of Cabinet and Executive Council.
  • Economic Advice - promotes coordination and collaboration across the public sector on the development and delivery of key economic development related plans and policies. It provides advice to the Premier on economic matters, working with the Department of Treasury and Finance and other economic agencies.
  • Early Intervention Research Directorate - works to ensure that South Australians will be safer and have a greater opportunity to thrive by growing the evidence base about the services children and families need, when and where they need them and which services are most likely to work.
  • Security and Emergency Management - strategic security and emergency management policy matters.

These pages are intended to assist ministers' offices and agencies to understand Cabinet processes. Some of the information and documents are therefore only available within the South Australian Government network. If you require access to information, email Cabinet Office.

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