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What are Cabinet documents?

Cabinet documents include Cabinet submissions, Cabinet notes, and Cabinet agendas.

  • Cabinet submissions are prepared by State Government agencies seeking a decision from Cabinet on a significant policy change, project, reform or appointment
  • Cabinet notes - also prepared by State Government agencies - provide information for Cabinet to note, where no decision is required
  • Cabinet agendas list the Cabinet submissions and Cabinet notes to be discussed at a specific Cabinet meeting.

Cabinet documents are available for possible release after 10 years, under the State Government’s "Ten Year Rule” policy

The public can apply for access to these documents through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. In some instances, information may still be withheld for reasons such as personal privacy, national security, law enforcement and public safety.

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Documents that have already been applied for and released are available for download.

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To apply for access to Cabinet documents not yet released, click 'Apply', complete the application form and post or email your application to our Freedom of Information Unit.

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  1. Title: Henley High School Redevelopment - Stage 2
    Submitting Minister: Hon Jane Lomax-Smith
    Docket number: MECS06/023CS
    Date: 11/12/2006
  2. Title: Birdwood High School Music, Home Economics and Technical Studies Redevelopment
    Submitting Minister: Hon Jane Lomax-Smith
    Docket number: MECS06/022CS
    Date: 11/12/2006
  3. Title: Auslink (Land Transport) 5 Year Funding Agreement
    Submitting Minister: The Hon Patrick Frederick Conlon
    Docket number: MTRAN037-05CS
    Date: 6/12/2004
  4. Title: Disposal of the Land to the Corporation of the Town of Walkerville
    Submitting Minister: Hon Trish White
    Docket number: MTRAN23/04CS
    Date: 23/08/2004
  5. Title: Radiation Protection and Control (Transport of Radioactive Substances) Regulations 2003
    Submitting Minister: Hon John David Hill
    Docket number: MEC0029/03CS
    Date: 15/12/2003
  6. Title: Management of Caulerpa Taxifolia Outbreak
    Submitting Minister: Hon Paul Holloway
    Docket number: MAFF0047/02CS
    Date: 9/05/2002