The SACSF has a suite of guidance documentation and templates to assist agencies with certain elements of the framework.

The individual requirements of agencies will determine how each guideline is used and what actions are needed to manage risks.

SACSF G2.0 Suppliers using the SACSF (PDF, 69.4 KB)

SACSF G3.0 Guideline for Engaging suppliers and cloud security (PDF, 109.3 KB)

SACSF G4.0 Guideline on Cyber security incident reporting (PDF 346 KB)

SACSF G5.0 Guideline on ITSA role and responsibilities (PDF, 49.1 KB)

SACSF G6.0 Guideline for Integrity and Availability Classification (PDF, 227.5 KB)

SACSF G7.0 Remote and home-based teleworking (PDF, 283 KB)

SACSF 10.0 Guideline on Password Management  (PDF, 291.3 KB)

All supporting documentation and templates are available via Security SA Microsoft Teams for South Australian Government Cyber Security personnel. For access, please contact your agency security contacts.