The South Australian Multicultural Act 2021 (the Act) has come into operation, following the first major review of our state’s key piece of multicultural legislation in 30 years.

Her Excellency, the Honourable Frances Adamson AC issued a proclamation on 2 December 2021 declaring the Act, which introduces the concept of interculturalism as a way of strengthening the foundation of multiculturalism, is now law.

The Act replaced the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission Act 1980 as the state’s sole piece of multicultural legislation.

Meeting the needs of South Australia’s contemporary society and reflecting feedback received during a state-wide consultation process, the Act sets a foundation for new multicultural policy directions and provides for the development of the South Australian Multicultural Charter, which will:

  • define what multiculturalism and interculturalism mean for all South Australians
  • contain provisions recognising the Aboriginal peoples of South Australia and their role in our state’s diversity
  • guide the provision of culturally responsive services by State authorities.

Leading consultation and development of the Charter in collaboration with the Minister, Multicultural Affairs and the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, will be the South Australian Multicultural Commission, appointed to advise government on multiculturalism generally and on the operation of the Act.