As challenge owners, you will find the material listed here helpful to stay organised and prepared for all the events and phases of the challenge.

Checklists for the events

Downloadable documents

Resources available upon request

The businesses that have been involved with the running of the D3 Digital Challenges to date include:

  • The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) - facilitation workshops
  • Business Models Inc - facilitation of workshops
  • LeapSheep Pty Ltd - business building coaching
  • Mia Handshin - pitch coaching
  • Speakers Studio - pitch coaching

References are available by contacting us.


Getting started checklist

  • Check your suitability to run a D3 Challenge
  • Get any relevant approvals from your Manager/Director
  • Establish a budget and ensure funds are available eg logistics, facilitators, awards etc
  • Form a project team, define roles and responsibilities
  • Establish a Project Plan
  • Establish your challenge events schedule
  • Review and share all challenge resources with the project team
  • Select an online ticketing platform to manage event registrations e.g. EventBrite
  • Select digital tools for project team collaboration, if required e.g. Basecamp, Trello, Slack.

Design Brief Session checklist

  • Select a facilitator
  • Define your invite list
  • Select and book a venue
  • Create an agenda
  • Create a run sheet (optional)
  • Create a slide deck for the facilitator/presenters
  • Organise catering
  • Send out email invites with a pre-event brief
  • Organise whiteboards and notepaper to capture outputs from discussions
  • Review General venue setup checklist 
  • Summarise outcomes from the session to inform the Design Brief using the Problem Statement template
  • Send a post-event email with the session outcomes

Promoting your challenge checklist

  • Prepare a Communications Plan
  • Nominate a team member to lead promotional activities
  • Set up the challenge website
  • Write media releases for the challenge launch (if required)
  • Promote the challenge on social media
  • Set up a shared folder to collect images for communications
  • Engage external assistance from photographers or videographers, as needed

Information session checklist

  • Select and book a venue
  • Find and select speakers
  • Design and publish the event registration form, through an online ticketing platform
  • Set up a website page with your challenge information, event information, and registration form
  • Create an agenda
  • Create a run sheet (optional)
  • Create a slide deck for the presenters
  • Organise catering, check for dietary recommendations
  • Send a pre-event email
  • Promote and market the session through social media channels & networks
  • Review General venue setup checklist
  • Send a post-event email promoting competitor registrations for the challenge

Day 1 and Day 2 workshops checklist

  • Select and book facilitators and presenters
  • Select and book a venue
  • Define the program schedule for Day 1 and Day 2
  • Publish programs and resources on the challenge website
  • Create a run sheet (optional)
  • Create a slide deck for the facilitators/presenters
  • Select and engage mentors and life experts for the workshops
  • Confirm mentor/life expert availability for workshops
  • Prepare mentor bios for display at the Day 2 workshop
  • Prepare judges bios for display at the Day 2 workshop
  • Organise catering and check for dietary requirements
  • Send reminders with instructions before Day 1 and 2 workshops to presenters, life experts, mentors and competitors
  • Organise thank you gifts for life experts/mentors
  • Review General venue setup checklist
  • Send a post-event email with instructions for Pitch Night

Pitch Night checklist

  • Select and book a venue with a private space for the judges to deliberate in.
  • Identify an MC for the night
  • Create a run sheet
  • Determine guest list including VIPs
  • Organise filming of pitches (optional)
  • Designate a project member to work with judges and write a judges panel report
  • Provide judging pack and pitch scoring templates to judges prior to the event
  • Send invite emails to key stakeholders e.g. mentors, life experts.
  • Organise catering
  • Send a reminder with final instructions to competitors before Pitch Night
  • Review General venue setup checklist
  • Organise competitors’ slide deck presentations
  • Organise light entertainment/presentation on challenge topic during the deliberation time (optional)
  • Thank you gifts for judges
  • Send post-event thankyou and announcement of winners email

Closing your D3 Challenge checklist

  • Organise agreement paperwork and seed fund payments
  • Seek feedback from participants
  • Winning competitors briefed on next stage

Validating the business concept checklist

  • Organise mentors and business/co-design coaching for winning competitors (optional)
  • Set up regular meetings with competitors to track development progress
  • Set up presentation at the end of the determined period
  • Confirm date and time with competitors
  • Send invites to attendees

General venue setup checklist

  • Location suitability and ambiance (depending on the challenge topic you may consider using certain venues)
  • Bathroom access and availability
  • Disability and accessibility requirements – wheelchair access, disability toilets etc.
  • Set up and equipment – tables, chairs, whiteboards, etc.
  • Name tags for attendees
  • Projector and laptop connectors
  • Power boards and extension cables
  • Wi-fi access (desirable for Day 1 and Day 2 workshops)
  • AV system – speakers and microphones
  • Catering serving area
  • Rubbish bins
  • Photography and video
  • Room signage – including signage to direct attendees to the room

Downloadable documents

D3 Organisation Journey (PDF, 570.3 KB)

D3 Events Timeline (PDF, 638.6 KB)

D3 Checklist for challenge owners (DOCX, 957.5 KB)

D3 Checklist for challenge owners (PDF, 165.9 KB)

D3 Design Brief template (DOCX, 952.3 KB)

D3 Design Brief template (PDF, 176.3 KB)

D3 Pitch Brief template (DOCX, 121.7 KB)

D3 Pitch Brief template (PDF, 302.1 KB)

D3 Judging Score Sheet (DOCX, 953.4 KB)

D3 Judging Score Sheet (PDF, 111.5 KB)

D3 Judging Scoring Criteria (A3) (DOCX, 316.0 KB)

D3 Judging Scoring Criteria (A3) (PDF, 355.5 KB)

Resources available upon request

  • D3 logo images
  • D3 email templates
  • D3 Digital Challenge generic grant agreement template (only for South Australian Government Agencies).

Request these resources by contacting us.