Phase 3 of the D3 journey, promoting your challenge

To encourage competitors to register for the D3 Digital Challenge you will need to promote the challenge. You will run an Information session and promote this through channels such as social media, web/online and email.

Objectives of the Information session

The Information session is a public event to announce the challenge and encourage participation and competitor registrations. At the Information session you will:

  1. Announce the challenge problem.
  2. Inform attendees how the challenge works.
  3. Share stories from previous challenge participants (optional).
  4. Announce that registrations are open.
  5. Provide a networking opportunity for competitors to connect and potentially work together.

How to run the Information session

The Information session is usually a two hour after-work event, with formal presentations and networking time. It should be short and concise and allow sufficient time for those interested in participating to meet with challenge owner staff and each other. The ideal time to run the Information session is 2-3 weeks before the Day 1 workshop. This will allow sufficient time for competitors to understand the requirements of the challenge, commit to establishing a business and register.

Preparing an agenda for the Information session

A recommended agenda:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. The D3 Digital Challenge – process, outcome, expectations and benefits
  3. The Problem Statement – a brief explanation:
    1. invite a topic expert to outline the problem and present supporting research.   Providing thought leadership is an ideal way to engage potential competitors.
    2. encourage competitors and Life experts to inform the problem further with their experience.
  4. How competitors and life experts can participate
  5. Presentation by previous competitor (optional)
    1. invite past competitors to share their challenge experience.  This a great way for new competitors to hear firsthand what a D3 Digital Challenge is like
  6. Question and answer, and closing.

Promoting your Information session

Promoting your Information session is key to ensure good attendance. Connect with your local start-up community, accelerators, incubators, universities, government, councils and key stakeholders. They may help to cross-promote your event.

Promoting the D3 Digital Challenge after the Information session

After the Information session, contact and thank the attendees.  Be available to answer any questions potential competitors may have. The next step is to promote the challenge as defined in your Communication Plan. To maximise audience reach, consider using different communication channels:

  • challenge website
  • social media
  • press releases
  • radio and podcasts (if available)
  • direct email.

See the Information session checklist and the Promoting your challenge checklist.

Next phase

The next phase is Running your D3 Challenge workshops